How to Find a French Tutor Online

Learning French is nothing more than having a personal online French teacher. We speak from personal experience because We have been learning French by various methods for over a year. Fortunately, there are many websites for you where your teachers can find French online – whatever your goals and budget!

We understand that. There are many ways to learn French. You can download apps like Babbel and log in to Pimsleur with even more enthusiasm (try for free here). You can purchase a set of French grammar books to practice your conjugation, and you can also listen to French podcasts such as Coffee Break French or audiobooks French Today.

What about that? Each method has unique advantages that will move your level of French higher and higher. However, online lessons with a French teacher can add more tools and resources. We claim that this is important if you want to achieve French purity. Here are some of the benefits of an online French tutor:

You will receive individual lessons: This means personalized French lessons tailored to your needs, goals, and level of French. With a French personal teacher online, you can ask any questions at your own pace.

It doesn’t have to be expensive: the main obstacle to getting private French lessons for many French students is online pricing. Fortunately, some platforms suit every budget. You can use them to find cheap French teachers. For those on a larger budget, consider using Wyzant or Fluent City. More on all of this soon!

It’s handy: There is no need to travel to a language school if your French lessons are via Skype, Zoom, or other tools. Many of these tutoring services also offer you a flexible schedule where you can choose your preferred day and time of instruction.

You can improve your speech skills: it took me about eight months to learn French, including 300 hours of French lessons, to speak this language (although there were many mistakes). Your apps, books, and podcasts may not be enough for you to have an intense conversation in French. Having French lessons online with a teacher can make you speak French – and feel comfortable.


It is another website where you can find French teachers online. Like Italki, Preply teachers set their prices, so you can find classes that fit your budget, whether it’s $ 9 / hour or $ 25 / hour.

We have a jewel of a French teacher. We found it at Preply. They have weekly lessons where they focus on editing specific concepts of French grammar. We recommend looking at this, especially since registration is free and new users will benefit from the test lessons. The lessons take place in Preply Space, a video chat platform designed for your online learning. 

Live Lingua

Formerly a stone language school. Live Lingua is a family business that aims to immerse the language in your home. There are two types of private French lessons: Standard courses to improve the level of French in all areas and Exam guidelines for students who want to pass a specific certification, such as DELF or DALF.

At Live Lingua, selected French teachers are certified and native speakers. Students will receive auditory and visual learning resources and study French with clear objectives and a flexible schedule. Live Lingua offers a free 30-minute trial. Other standard French courses cost $ 29 / hour with discounts depending on how many hours you buy. 


Linggoda Online Language School offers French lessons online in small groups with a private French teacher. To study French in Lingoda, you need a strong internet connection, a computer, and zoom. As a Lingoda student, you will become familiar with the Lingo teaching method and receive free materials, exercises, and quizzes. These materials are made by Linggoda experts and meet CEFR standards.

Prices depend on the subscription you choose: whether you want to continue, improve, “change pace,” or repeat, or if you wish to continue the marathon of learning French.

To Wrap It Up

One of the most effective ways to find a tutor now – is to look for a tutor online. The way is simple, and everyone can do that!

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