How should your essay look like?

There is an old saying that states, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Do you think it is true? All said and done, writing an essay should be a basic skill that every individual on any academic ladder level should be good at. We all find ourselves having to write an essay in our lives, whether in school or at the professional level. Even though writing an essay is an easy and straightforward thing, you can easily distinguish between a bad essay and a well-written essay. Nobody wants to be in the category of bad essay writers. 

For you to be a good writer, you need to have a lot of practice and experience. After you master the art of regular writing, you now need to have a perfect understanding of all the basics and customized writing styles. Different writing has different styles that you should be aware of. However, there is a standard structure that applies to all writing forms, from research papers to blogs, essays, thesis, and even dissertations. So, on Mypaperwriter, we have prepared simple tips on how to make your essays better. Let us take a deep dive into producing better content that will make our essay writing skill above reproach.


A good essay must start with a concise, catchy, and exciting introduction. Even though it is common knowledge that there should be an introduction, you need to ensure that you outline your introduction according to the aggregable standards. Keep your introduction clear and concise. However, don’t let it be too short again. Make sure it communicates all the necessary information relevant to the readers. Use the introduction to highlight what you are discussing in the body of the essay.

A lengthy introduction will be boring, and you might lose your readers. You should not give out all information in the first paragraph and leave nothing for the body. Structure your essay in a way the information uncovers itself as the readers go through the essay. It will drive the reader to want to read more at the end of each sentence. Each part of the introduction should be like a teaser that leaves some suspense on the reader. Get additional information here.


After capturing the readers’ attention in the introduction, you now lay all the body information. It is the core of the essay and where you find all the information. It is the point where you explain every event, analogy, and encounter related to your topic. Avoid creating a feeling of confusion in your readers’ minds by leaving ambiguous statements. 

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The final part of the essay is the conclusion. The section makes the essay interesting by finishing with an exciting statement that confirms the subject matter. It should leave the readers amazed. Constructing a catchy conclusion is a skill on its own. It is a summary of the entire essay and should be within the scope of the topic. Avoid introducing new ideas in the conclusion.

In conclusion, your essay will be the best if you follow the laid-down structure. A good essay should be inviting from its layout, and each sentence should lead you to the next. Follow the above guideline and be among the best essay writers on the planet.