How Do You Add Video To Your Trade Show Display?

At its core, a trade show display is almost always going to be “multimedia.” You will want to employ as many strategies as you can to draw customers in when you have such a fantastic tool for showcasing your goods. Naturally, video is the most widely used communication medium today.

A trade show display is rare indeed if it does not feature some video. But this naturally raises the question: do those videos really assist? It goes without saying that execution is the key to all of this! Thus, today’s topic was how to make the most of using video presentations in your trade show displays.

How do you add video to your trade show display?

1. Do more than rely on sound.

Although this is a “newbie mistake,” we notice it remarkably frequently: Businesses are bringing in promotional videos with lots of voiceovers, dialogue, interviews, and other audio elements. This issue is similar to overly wordy banner stands and trade show graphics in that nobody will be able to read it all. Or, to use contemporary internet lingo, TL; DR.

A trade show is typically not the appropriate venue for such materials, but there are plenty of other places in your marketing campaigns. Nobody is going to pay attention to the entire presentation, and it is unlikely that they will be able to hear it very well over the discordant clamor of the trade show.

2. Remember your branding.

Although this is a helpful tip for any video production, it becomes even more crucial when showcasing your videos at trade shows:

Always place your brand somewhere in the middle of a video, as well as at the top and bottom, at the very least. Since the opening and closing of videos are typically the most dramatic and visually striking, the “bookending” brand positioning is critical.

In general, contextual and pertinent branding is the best kind of product placement and branding in videos. As an easy illustration, include pictures of the product being used in addition to images of it alone. Try to achieve an organic feel for the branding.

3. Do not simply repurpose videos.

Companies bring in promotional materials meant for other (much quieter) venues, and using them in their exposition booths is another error we see far too often. Really, anyone can now use a PC or a mobile tablet to perform basic video editing. It is worthwhile to invest time in creating new videos that are sharper, shorter, and primarily visual. Repurposing your videos may be somewhat less expensive, but what good is it if no one watches them?

To reiterate, your trade show videos should be specially designed for usage in your trade show booth.