Hoarding Advertising: How Much Does It Cost and Is It Worth It? 

A hoarding is a form of advertising on a large space, similar to an oversized poster, that can be either printed or digital. Hoarding advertising is typically placed in high-traffic areas with the goal of getting the most impressions for your business.

Did you know?

71% of in-car passengers often look at messages on roadside hoarding.

Hoarding advertising in the market is revolutionising the way companies advertise their products and services. Hoarding advertising is a popular and effective marketing media option in market-size small.

It is the most cost-effective advertising medium, reaching a maximum of one million people. Outdoor advertising reaches even those areas, making it a better option than other mediums.

Advertising by hoarding advertisements in the market is a clever and effective marketing strategy. Your hoarding should give viewers a quick glimpse and understanding of what you’re offering, mostly through images and text. 

To make the biggest impact, hoarding designs should tell a story and be memorable so that the takeaway for viewers is that the business is worth looking into.

Types of Hoardings:

There are three types of hoarding to consider:

  • Classic: Classic, or print, hoardings have been around for many years. They’re typically made of vinyl to withstand different weather conditions. These hoardings usually cost less than their digital counterparts, and there are more of them available.
  • Digital: Digital hoardings are dynamic advertisements where you can incorporate other elements like a moving image. You can also target more people with a digital advertisement because you can easily switch it up based on the hours of the day. 
  • Mobile: If you see advertisements on buses, cars, and other moving vehicles, that’s a mobile billboard. The benefit of mobile hoarding is that it’s more likely to be seen by your target audience as the vehicle moves throughout the area you’ve identified as an important place to showcase your business.

The Cost of a Billboard:

Just like other advertising means and methods, the cost of a hoarding advertisement varies. 

Most agencies that sell hoarding space charge in terms of cost per thousand impressions also called cost per mille, which depends on the demographics, impressions, and circulation.

These factors make up a billboard’s outdoor rating:

  • Demographics: Demographics are formed by looking at the people who usually pass by the hoarding. It takes into account the age, gender, and even income level of these individuals, so if you’re advertising via hoarding in a place that has more impressions from higher-income individuals and families, you’ll probably pay more.
  • Location: Do you want your hoarding to be located in a central part of your city or somewhere more remote around the edges? The hotter the spot, the higher the hoarding ad cost.
  • Impressions: Impressions are the projected number of people expected to see the ad based on the hoarding’s size and location, or even the speed limit in that area.
  • Circulation: You can determine circulation based on information from traffic authorities. They can provide the total volume of traffic at your hoarding’s location.
  • Duration: The cost of hoarding advertising can also depend on the length of time a hoarding is set to appear. hoarding campaign durations can range from a 4-week period to several months.

Benefits of Hoarding Advertising:

  • Builds your brand: Business owners can get their brand name out to a much larger target audience.
  • Entices new customers and increases the chance for higher sales: A smart hoarding design can boost sales and improve your bottom line.
  • Effective for simple messages: Large hoardings are a great way to capture customers through a visual display with a short but impactful message.
  • Reach a massive audience and daily commuters: Hoarding rentals provide an opportunity for businesses to target an out-of-home demographic.

Why Your Business Should Consider Advertising on a Billboard?

Hoardings are great for businesses that want to expose their brand to more people but aren’t relying on instant conversions. Consider placing hoardings in specific locations if you have a brick-and-mortar store or restaurant you’re trying to get new customers into.

It may also be beneficial to advertise leading up to and right next to a highway exit if you want to attract travellers to your location. In this case, it’s helpful to include at least a line of basic directions to your location.


Hoarding ads are the most vibrant and eye-catching options in outdoor marketing. Hoardings have many advantages. Outdoor Advertising Agencies in Chandigarh provide hoarding services that are affordable and cost-effective since once you put up a hoarding, it stays there for a minimum of 24 *7.