Guide For STEM Courses & UK Study Visa Without IELTS

STEM courses are the future of education. They give students the tools they need to succeed in the real world and prepare them for careers in technology, engineering and science. They are a growing trend in secondary and post-secondary education in the United States.

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

All these subjects are related to each other and can be taught together in a course or as separate ones. These are the four core subjects because they prepare students for future careers in science or math-related fields.

In the USA, STEM classes are created to introduce pupils to these fields at a level suited for high school students. STEM courses in USA can assist students in acquiring abilities beneficial to future professions in science or technology-related industries.

These courses are designed to teach students how to use their minds creatively and critically, as well as how to solve problems that require critical thinking skills. Students who take these classes will learn about topics like chemistry or physics through hands-on activities that involve real objects instead of just reading from a textbook alone at home or school library after school hours with no real interest in learning about it then either way.

Which STEM job pays the most?

These are some of the high-paying jobs after doing STEM courses in USA:-

  1. Nuclear engineer
  2. Materials engineer
  3. IT manager
  4. Computer scientist
  5. Software engineer

Study In UK Without IELTS

Yes, it is possible to study in the UK without giving IELTS exam. However, you must pass a language test to be admitted to the universities. However, there are many other options for people who might struggle with this IELTS test.

What is the alternative to IELTS in UK?

We advise that you take one of these alternative exams if you wish to study in UK without  IELTS exam and are unsure that you would be able to pass it:

  1. PTE Academic: This test is designed by Pearson Education and is administered by IDP Education. It’s given at more than 1,500 locations worldwide, including those part of the British Council network. The exam measures reading and writing abilities—two areas many students struggle with the IELTS exam. It also measures listening and speaking skills; however, it does not include a speaking component like other tests (like TOEFL). You can take this test if you are 18 years old or older.
  2. OET: This test is offered by Cambridge Assessment and is only offered at select locations worldwide. You must be 18 years old or older to take it; however, special accommodations are available for those with disabilities or serious illnesses that prevent them from taking the test in person. This test is not available in all countries; however, it is available in most of Europe and Asia. Thus, it is not hart to study in UK iwthout IELTS.

Top universities in the UK to study without IELTS

  1. Aston University
  2. Birmingham City University
  3. Birmingham City University
  4. London Southbank University
  5. Northumbria University
  6. Riga Technical University
  7. Robert Gordon University
  8. Sheffield Hallam University