Grand Seiko Watches as a Present to the Woman of Your Life

Watch is probably the most wanted present of women. Aside  from serving the purpose of telling time, informing them of their schedules in the process, it is also a fashion staple that can bring their looks to greater heights. In almost every look, watches are used either as a fashion statement or a complementary accessory, depending on their extravagance. 

If you are about to give a watch to the woman of your life as a present, you have to make sure that the brand you will be purchasing your gift from is reputable not just in terms of its visual presentation but also in terms of its quality and durability. Today, we will be introducing a brand that will help you choose the best present for the woman of your life. 

The Beginnings of Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko Watches is a brand established in Japan in 1960, which explains why their headquarters is in the busy city of Japan, Tokyo. It prides itself on designs that exude elegance and power. From its inception, Grand Seiko has been one of the favorite brands of watch admirers worldwide. Today, it is one of the most respectable brands in the industry. 

Grand Seiko Ladies Model STGF322

The first watch on the list is this bold red beauty from the brand that embodies strength and power. It is one of the watches to wear if you want to call attention. The bright silver round case is the perfect color that balances out the band, putting a hint of delicateness on it. The contrast of the rich red color band surprisingly complemented the cool-tone color of the case. 

As for its case, it opted for a simple look to balance the aesthetics and give the band the highlight. It is colored in white with silver markers and diamonds alternately placed as indexes. The hands are the same color as the case; bright silver, shaped like arrows. A date window is strategically placed on the right side of the watch near its crown. 

Grand Seiko Ladies Model STGF322

Second on the list is this gold wonder that screams luxury. If the girl you will be giving a present is a fan of diamonds and golds, this watch is the perfect fit. The round case of this watch, along with its bracelet, is made out of yellow gold. Surrounding the case are sparkling tiny diamonds that perfectly complements the bright and warm tone of gold. 

To balance out the exterior’s brightness is a cooler shade on the dial; a rich dark blue. You could say that there is not so much happening within the interior considering the lack of date windows or subdials, but the diamond indexes are enough to suffice any absence. Of course, to tie it all together is the yellow gold hands placed in the center of the timepiece. 

Grand Seiko Ladies Model STGF321

If you look at this watch from afar, you might say it’s another of the classic silver watches sold in the market. But when you zoom into this beauty, you will understand how unique this timepiece is. The silver round case is surrounded by tiny diamonds, upgrading its luxurious look. The bracelet follows the same color scheme as the case and other hardware: silver.

The dial is colored in pretty light pink, making it look delicate yet eye-catching. To match the diamond frame of the watch are the diamond indexes. With the combination of pink and diamonds, it expresses a classy, feminine vibe. Of course, to complete the interior look is the silver hands, which coordinate with the exterior’s silver theme. 

Grand Seiko Ladies Model STGR211

This is a sleek classic black watch, a must-have in a girl’s closet. This model can be worn with almost anything anywhere; a casual dinner with friends or a formal business meeting with your partners. This timepiece’s silver round case and hardware perfectly go with the leather night blue, almost black band. 

As for its dial, it is equally as breathtaking as the exterior. It is colored in rich blue with a glossy finish, a beautiful sight, especially when hit with lights. Carrying on with the exterior’s silver hardware theme, the indexes of this timepiece are alternated with tiny diamonds and silver markers. The hands also come in silver color, tying everything together. 


The norm in giving a gift to someone is to put thoughts and efforts into it. Hence, the famous saying, “it’s the thoughts that count.” The most thoughtful thing that you can do is to ensure that the gift you are giving is one that comes from a brand trusted by fashion enthusiasts and watch collectors all over the world, not just in terms of its looks but also its quality.