GoGoPDF Online Tools: 2 Best Online Tools You Need To Learn When Handling Your Online Document Format

Having multiple online document formats nowadays is an advantage that most individuals are taking benefits into. To choose what type of format you want to use for the contents of the information that you are supposed to be doing is an asset to be able to be more productive in your work and life.

However, a specific online document format does not cater to all the needs of a particular individual. Hence, having an alternative way of using other online document formats can be a great way of solving the missing features of a single online document format. This article will be a starting point for you to learn most of the online tools to convert from format to format.

About GoGoPDF

GoGoPDF is one of the platforms that will help you convert your online document formats to your preferred new format. Their platform has been doing this for years now and continues to deliver the best features combined with the numerous online tools that you can use on their website for free.

Some examples of the online tools from their platforms are Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, JPG to PDF, PPT to PDF, and HTML to PDF. If you are planning on converting the other way around, it is also possible with the online tools PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to JPG, PDF to PPT, and so on. Click on the online tool that will suit your needs and follow the simple steps in each online tool.

The simple and yet straightforward service they are offering to every user is superb and genuinely recommended to everyone. Suppose you still do not have any idea of how their online tool platform works. Here are some of the online tools you can use on their platform to start off your conversion journey with GoGoPDF.

Word to PDF

The Word document format ranks among the most used online document formats that many individuals prefer to use. The next online document format to that is the PDF file, which is why those two are always intertwined. Hence, this online tool is one of the most used online tools in their platform for the two types of formats to have.

You can benefit a lot by using the Word online document. However, it lacks in certain areas of features where another online document format can only provide. One of the leading conversion courses of format is the PDF because it caters to most of the features that the Word format lacks, like Security, Exact Format, Quality, Longevity of the document, and more.

Having said all of that, here is how you can convert from Word to PDF. Follow these simple steps, and you will be able to finish the conversion process in no time.

  • Move or Transfer your online document format into their system for it to be recognized and start the conversion process.
  • GoGoPDF will now start converting your online document format into a PDF.
  • Wait for a few seconds or a minute until the conversion process is completed.
  • Move or transfer the newly converted PDF file to your preferred destination of storage.

Excel to PDF

Excel is mostly used by people who are dealing with vast amounts of information, data, numbers, and more. Hence, the reason for individuals to use this online document format for their daily activities. Having this kind of online document format will definitely be an asset for your daily online document activities to be more comfortable than before.

However, presenting the online document format for Excel can be a hassle, especially if you want to send this online document format to a lot of individuals. Hence, using a PDF file in order to present the online document properly and conveniently having the features of a PDF file can be the best choice to make.

Here is how you can start converting your Excel online document into a PDF file.

  • Upload your Excel document format file.
  • Let GoGoPDF start converting your file.
  • Wait for it to be finished.
  • Download it to your storage.


Having an online tool that helps you convert from one format to another is a great advantage to fully utilize every online document format. You can also use these online tools to be at your benefit to be more productive, lessen your workload and have a more convenient experience. Hence, the overall importance of having this online tool ready for you.