Get An Uber Accident Attorney In LA: Check More Details Here  

Thanks to ridesharing services in Los Angeles, getting around in the city is easier than ever. You don’t have to worry about driving through the mad traffic as soon as you are in an Uber cab. Unfortunately, accidents involving Uber vehicles are on the rise in the city, and more often than not, these accidents result in unprecedented circumstances. Following such a mishap, you need to call an Uber accident attorney in Los Angeles without any delay. Here are some key things you need to understand.

Understanding Uber accidents

If you were injured in an Uber accident in LA, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. The money is meant to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses that pertain to the accident. It is essential to understand that Uber doesn’t technically employ drivers, but these drivers work as independent contractors. Uber has limited liability, and you can only ask for compensation from the company when the driver is logged into their account. The laws are also vastly different for different situations. For instance, if the driver is waiting for a ride, a different set of rules apply, and the same is true when the driver is going to pick up a passenger.

Dealing with the insurance company

Aside from the complex aspects of Uber insurance, you have to understand that no insurance company works for the claimants. Instead, these insurance companies will do everything possible to minimize what they pay for your claim. The claims adjuster will also try their best to deny the claim, and the investigation process is often tweaked to turn facts in favor of the insurance company. The adjuster will want you to say something or give a recorded statement that will ensure you get a lower settlement. Because accident attorneys work with insurance adjusters all the time, they know exactly what to say when it comes to settling claims. If you want a reasonable settlement offer, you have to get an attorney you can trust.

Hiring an accident attorney is not expensive

If you are worried that an Uber accident attorney is going to charge a fortune for the case, you are mistaken. Most lawyers take up such cases on a contingency arrangement, where the lawyer gets a share of the final compensation you recover, which ensures there is no upfront fee. Let an experienced and skilled accident attorney take over and negotiate the settlement. If required, they can even file a direct lawsuit against the at-fault party.