Everything you need to know about GST number


Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is a unique number given to every business that is registered under the GST Act. It is a replacement for the TIN or Tax Identification Number that was used by state taxation authorities to keep a track of taxes such as VAT. The business that is registered under the TIN system is automatically transferred to the GST identification number system whereas new or fresh businesses need to apply for the GST registration first in order to get their business listed under GST Act. Any business firm can be registered on the government portal of GST for free and since GST certificate download by GST number is possible anytime you want. The whole process becomes entirely user friendly. To learn how to download your GST certificate visit here.

What is the GST number format?

There is a specific structure followed in the unique GST identification numbers given to the individual or businesses. Here are a few things one should know about the GST number format- 

  • The Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is a 15 digit number. 
  • The first two digits of the GST number are from 1-35 depending upon the state code according to the Indian Census, 2011.

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  • The following ten digits of the GST number is the PAN number of the Goods and Services Tax registered entity.
  • The following digit i.e. the 13th digit of the GST number is the code that has made more than one registration within the same state. For instance, if a person registers for a GST number in a particular state, the 13th digit will be 1, and if the same person registers another entity within that particular state the 13th digit will be 2. 
  • The next or 14th digit of the GST number is the alphabet Z. This digit is there in the format by default according to the current GST number format. 
  • The 15th digit or the last digit of the number is allocated randomly and is known as a check code. It could either be a number or an alphabet.
  • To know more about the GST number format in detail go to Khatabook

Verification of the GST identification number online

The first and the foremost thing that needs to be done after receiving a GST identification number is to check all the details if that has been updated properly or not. To verify all the details, you must visit the official GST portal or www.gov.in and enter the GST identification number by selecting the option of Search Taxpayer by GSTIN. 

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Verification through GST number search 

  • Due to the option of GST identification number search, it has become easier for the general public to verify the legitimacy of any business. Anyone can verify any business only by entering the GST identification number provided by the vendor or business on the GST portal and you can have all the details of the business such as name, number, address, etc. 
  • People can also check the rightfulness of any business by entering the PAN number of the individual or the business. You can enter the PAN number and get access to their records according to the details provided by the registered business.