Everything You Need To Know About A3Trading?

If you’ve been weighing some options on where you can trade your cash, then A3Trading India is the best option. Some of the financial instruments that the brokerage offers include cryptocurrencies, commodities, and Indices.

Traders get to maneuver through the various research tools to understand this form of investment before making any decisions. Additionally, there is a trading course A3Trading offers its traders to help them fully understand everything. This A3Trading review has everything you need to know.

Is A3Trading a Scam?

A3Trading is 100% legit, and it is under Securcap Securities Limited. The A3Trading group comprises a European company called Wanakena, whose registration was done in 73 Arch, whose registration number is 379327. The company operates a website in partnership with Securap Securities Limited and is licensed under the number SD012. 

Why Trade on A3Trading?

The advantages of A3Trading are very similar to the advantages of trading on a stock exchange. You can trade property, stocks, and other securities with a great deal more liquidity and transparency.

It’s possible to buy and sell within milliseconds on the market. And you can easily create two-way markets, offering to buy or sell at the same time. 

The ability to trade on an exchange is a major factor when deciding which securities to invest in.

Major A3Trading Characteristics

1. Efficient Support Team

A3Trading has your back while you make every step. In case of any issue, their support team will be at your service as they are very skillful and friendly. They also have a Personal Account Manager and a variety of trainers and support agents who are always ready to assist you.

2. Various Assets

There are a variety of assets like CFDs, Indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and currency pairs and they all come with zero trading costs. 

3. Clear Research Tools

A3Trading also caters to people with less knowledge in matters to do with investments. On the other hand, professional traders’ needs are also met since the platform is exciting and powerful. 

Once you register to A3Trading, you access all the helping tools and also acquire free training. The most significant of all these is the Autochartist, which helps make you save your time and energy.

4. Simple Design

The simple A3Trading design makes it easier for beginners to be able to access every step as they invest on the online platform. The platform provides the traders with all the important information that matches their individual needs.

Types of Accounts of A3Trading

1. Start-Up

A3Trading prioritizes the first trades in the trader’s portfolio, which is why they came up with the idea of various accounts with different tools that traders need to help them in their initial phases of trading.


  • Personal account manager
  • Modern trading tools
  • Fewer rates when it comes to deposits from $3,000
  • Leverage of 1:200
  • Traders can easily access updates on a daily basis

2. Expert


  • Modern tools of the trade
  • Leverage of 1:200
  • Critical analysis
  • Currency charts
  • Immense support
  • Fewer rates of deposit from $10,000

3. Master


  • Quick trading execution
  • Immense support
  • Critical analysis
  • Modern tools of the trade
  • Currency charts
  • Fewer rates of deposit from $25,000
  • Traders can access daily updates

4. Vip


  • Traders can access daily updates
  • Fewer rates of deposit from $50,000
  • Quick trading execution
  • Immense support
  • Critical analysis
  • Modern tools of the trade
  • Currency charts

Terms and Conditions of A3Trading

The Lowest Initial Deposit

The minimum amount traders can deposit in A3Trading is $200, although the amount is determined by the type of account one is dealing with since the rate can go up to $50,000.

Average Commission and Spreads

The spreads A3Trading offers to go for EUR/USD for three pips.


Always remember that leverages show you both your profits and losses

  • 5 Secured positions 1:20
  • Trading on commodities 1:200
  • Shares’ CDF 1:10
  • Forex 1:200
  • Indices with CDF 1:100

A3Trading Rates

There are charges on rollovers that rate at 0.02% on CFDs (Currencies, Indices, Commodities, and stock), which go over an overnight exposure, and 0.1% on cryptocurrencies due to high volatile rates. The price that the trader quoted will determine how the orders will be carried out.

Service Details

Languages: Arabic and English

A3Trading FAQs

When does the Customer Operate? – from 22:00 on Sunday night till 22:00 GMT on Fridays at night. However, when it comes to Commodities and Online Fx, you can trade them at any time as long as it is during market hours. Depending on where the market is located, CFDs operate at different hours.

How Can You Deposit Cash in A3Trading?

Traders can deposit money through MasterCard, VISA, e-wallets, bank transfers, Neteller, Skrill, and more.

Does A3Trading have Demo Accounts For Their Traders?

A3Trading provides zero demo accounts though they have alternatives like the First protected positions. Depending on the type of account you have, your first 5 to 15 positions will be secured from losses, but at the same time, traders have the winnings.

What Commissions does the A3Trading offer

There are no additional charges on extra commissions on the trading spreads on its platforms.

Are there any Taxes Involved in A3Trading India?

All traders are accountable for their own tax responsibilities as A3Trading does not handle any tax payments on their behalf. 

Are There any Programs That Involve Partnerships?

There are various solutions that A3Trading provides when it comes to partnerships. These partnerships cater to the individual needs of each trader.

General Overview

A3Trading is a modern trading platform with advanced trading tools. It is a very legit platform that is licensed under a renowned authority. A3Trading India is not your ordinary broker as it guides its traders every step of the way, although they allow you to trade in stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities.

Conclusion about A3Trading

If you’ve been looking for a sign to decide whether you should trade, this is it! Do not hesitate to kick start your trading journey with A3Trading, as you will certainly not regret it! You can get in touch with them via their contact form, which has their number.

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