Entry Level Software Engineer Interview Questions PDF

Entry Level Software Engineer Interview Questions: Are you a fresher and looking for a job in an IT Company in India? then, you must check this article. Here, we have listed all the important Interview stuff for IT job seekers. So, follow this complete article and know the basic to advanced interview questions in any IT company Interview. This interview questions list has been designed on the basis of job interviews faced by many entry level job seekers. You may find various questions related to the programming languages, SDLC Life Cycle and tools used in the IT environment.

As there are many IT jobs waiting for freshers on Software Development, Software Engineer Profiles, we designed this article. So, interested candidates can know what are the most important Entry Level Software Engineer Interview Questions from here. Moreover, we update this list regularly as soon as any unique question encounters in a Job Interview. So, keep updating yourself with top interview questions and plan accordingly.

Entry Level Software Engineer Interview Questions PDF

There are many questions and answers available for freshers and experienced candidates on the Internet web. But, most of the people are unable to find the relevant questions suitable to their profile. By keeping this in mind, we have designed this interview questions to help only Entry Level Software Engineers. Also, here you can find questions related to tools, software’s used in the project life cycle.

Most of the questions in an IT interview are related to the programming languages, software development, Coding and S/W development methodology. So, candidates who are preparing for the IT job interview, should check these Entry Level Software Engineer Interview Questions. Also, one can download the PDF files available in the below sections of this page.

Recruitment Process in IT companies

Generally, IT companies recruits freshers based on the performance in the following Interview rounds. The rounds may vary from company to company. But, most of the questions are common. So, let’s have a look at the Interview rounds in Software Development companies for freshers.

  • Online Written Test (Comprising of questions on Aptitude, Reasoning, Verbal and Coding)
  • Group Discussion or JAM (A few IT companies are not including this round in selection process)
  • Technical Interview Round
  • Project Manager Round
  • HR Interview

Entry Level Software Engineer Interview Questions in Technical Round

Technical Interview rounds are very crucial in an IT job interview. Candidates selection will be decided in this round. Most of the people feels very tensed in this round. So, we advise candidates not to be nervous but be prepared and comfortable. Interviewers mostly targets questions on C/C++, Java, SQL queries and other core subjects. So, candidates should be proficient in the coding part and programming concepts.

Interviewer can easily identify the technical skills in a person by simply asking him/her to write a program in C or Java language. So, we have given the most common interview questions asked in software job interviews for freshers.

  • Explain all the basic OOP’s concepts
  • Distinguish between Local Variables and Global Variables?
  • Write a Program on Swapping two numbers using a temporary variable?
  • Write a C or Java program to check the given number is palindrome?
  • Explain String Handling Functions?
  • Explain the Structure of a C Program?
  • C/ Java program to find the sum of ‘n’ natural numbers?
  • Explain the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP’s) Concepts in Java?
  • Explain about the recent project you did in your final semester?
  • Write a C program to find a given number is a prime number or not
  • Execute a C program which accept the information of a book such as a number, author, publisher, and price using structures?
  • Execute the Fibonacci Series Program using C Language/ Java?
  • Write a program on String Handling Functions?
  • Write a C Program using Structures to accept student information and display it?
  • Execute a C programme to find a number is prime?
  • Write a C Program to execute Factorial of a number?
  • Sum of Digits, Factorial, Armstrong number, Reverse Number

Interview Questions with Answers PDF Download

Most of the questions in the above section are related to C Programming. In this section, you can find the PDF files to download the Java simple interview questions.

Java Interview Questions with Answers: Click Here

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