Easy Steps To Edit Instagram Reels


The Instagram reel is the revolution in today’s social media world when it comes to content creation or brand awareness. Instagram is trying hard to fetch more and more audiences to Instagram reels. As per the recent update from Instagram, now people can make reels for up to 60 seconds.

So, from 15, 30 seconds, it has now given the feature to upload a reel of 60 seconds. Taking the help of the reel Instagram video editor, one can edit the video and upload the reel using the audio from the reel audio directory.

Isn’t it cool? The main motive of Instagram is to attract people to the app to spend more time in the app. Even people can monetize their profile to earn money from the reel. Creating short videos and sharing with the world is the new trend.

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From brands to influencers to normal people, everyone loves to create and watch reels. It is a new sensation. Not only millennials and GenZ are there on Instagram. But the old generation is showing off their passion through reels.

The Instagram reel is not only about lip-syncing the audio. You can create any type of content as per your niche and share it with your audiences. Using the trending music in the reel, you can maximize your profile reach. Are you still thinking of uploading your first reel? Then, this article will guide how, to begin with, your first reel.

Why Has Instagram Introduced Reels?

Now, most platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok are already there in the market, but why does Instagram still introduce reels? In some countries, certain apps are banned. Hence, the creativity level and familiarity with Instagram are top-notch both for individuals and even with brands. Instagram has options like feed posts, stories, IGTV video format for long videos that are series based. 

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Still, they take all the format positions in the Instagram app. The Instagram reel is more informal with a creative and dynamic form. Hence, the reach is maximum with so many things to offer on the plate. There are many active users on the Instagram platform, and hence they are trying hard to maximize the reach so that people notice you and establish yourself as an individual or brand. 

Easy Steps to Create First Instagram Reel

Step 1: Open your Instagram, and on the top hand upside there is a “+” sign

Step 2: Click on that

Step 3: you will get the options like “post, story, reels, and live”

Step 4: Click on a reel

Step 5: Now shoot a video with multiple clicks (for stop-motion- you can get slower the speed for fast-motion; you can increase the speed in the left bar)

Step 6: now, it’s time to trim the video as per your need

Step 7: Align the video as you need

Step 8: Add filters if you want

Step 9: Add text to loud out your message

Step 10: Add music, try to add trending music, and seconds

Step 11: You can also get the option to upload video from a phone gallery and make it reel

Step 12: Your reel is ready to watch

Different Editing Tools You Can Use to Make Instagram Reels

  1. YouCut: 

It is an editing tool to edit videos in a free version without any watermark. Yes, it is that simple. There are many effects and transitions available that you can use to make the video look fantastic for an Instagram reel. Also, the reverse feature in the editing tool makes the video awesome.

In short- It is a great tool where you can use attractive stickers in your video to say a million words. There is nothing wrong with using these stickers. Instead of text, you can use these interactive stickers to communicate with the audience. To export a video without a watermark, you have to watch a 30-second ad on the tool, and then you can export the video without a watermark. Isn’t it great?

  1. Vimeo: 

It is a great tool for you for uploading high-quality videos. The editing tool is always effective for beginners who want to post their first reel on Instagram. It makes life easy, and editing is super fun.

  1. InVideo: 

It is a great tool as an instagram video editor to edit micro-video. You can select the canvas of the video and then edit the video. It makes the work easy and simple. You can even use pre-made templates to edit the video as per your niche. It creates a great effect in the Instagram reel. Add transition for transition videos on reels. The edit will completely change the look of the video. You can even customize the font, font style, font size to make the video look presentable. 

  1. Filmora: 

You can select the screen ratio on the editing tool to edit the video. You can use the clone feature to edit your videos. It takes the video to the next level. You need to shoot the video from different angles and then edit them accordingly to make the video look clean and tidy.

Instagram Reel as Video Marketing

Well, not only brands but even influencers are using Instagram reels as a video marketing strategy. It enhances their editing skill and even does not stop to think about the creative outlook and following trends. The trending audio, edit, and effect on the Instagram reel are common. It comes, rules the platform, surges the Instagram engagement, and makes the brand popular. 

Through this short video format, the brands get in touch with the audiences through creative video content. They only have 15-60 seconds to talk about their work, business and attract customers in these few seconds. 


Do not waste your time watching reels. It’s time now that you show your passion to the world with your first Instagram reels. It makes you confident, utilize your creative brain to form video content and improve editing skill in different editing tools. The reels will be the master of the horse race in the long run, and you should earn a handsome amount. But you have to be consistent, show your hard work and be a part of the Instagram community.