Distinction Between a Dental Clinic and a Dental Office

People often use the terms dental office and the dental clinic as almost similar terms. The confusion is common, but the meaning is different. Dental offices in Mississauga contain a dental clinic. But not all dental clinics have a dental office. 

In a dental clinic, dentists perform oral treatments. He does this in a room where necessary dental tools, equipment are there. All his experiments, treatments are done in that room. 

On the other hand, a dental office is also a business setup. It is where dentists and staff handle financial matters & financial matters. It includes patient records, payable and receivable accounts, insurance claims. Usually, there is a particular area within the office where the admin handles the day-to-day operations. 

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All dental clinics are not run inside dental offices. Some more extensive health set-ups like hospitals and government offices host dental clinics that provide emergency and critical service. These initiatives are taken for the sake of the weaker section of people. Some dental colleges and training institutions have clinics. 

Trainee students treat the people there. Students do treatment under the supervision of their teacher or instructor. It is counted as a part of their curriculum. Both dental offices and dental clinics indeed provide treatments. Nonetheless, your experience might vary in significant ways.

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Any dental clinic provides basic oral care services. It includes checkups, root canals, fillings. Those who seek cosmetic treatment may need to visit a dental office. A Dental clinic usually provides after-hours care. Dental offices in Mississauga are more into a traditional service-giving business. 

Components of Every Dental Office

Reception: This area is like a lounge with a couch. There is a settlement of entertainment for the waiting patients. There might be a sound box, where mild music is played, a magazine rack, etc. Some dental offices have multiple refreshments for patients, including coffee makers, vending machines, etc. 

Patient Records: The desk staff waits for patients in the reception area. Here he accesses dental records. It can be computerized or written on paper. In most dental offices, computerized records are kept. 

Dental Clinic: The clinic is a small room where a dentist performs his treatments. A dental chair, lights, handled tools, other devices, suction machines, oral irrigators, and laser systems are set up. 

Storage and Other Areas: Large dental offices where many dentists practise may have several employees. These employees work on filing, storage. In some places, there is a separate desk to handle insurance and payments. 


Dentistry is a service that all people need at some point in their life. From toddlers to elderly people, we all face dental issues at different ages. In this article, we tried to discuss dental clinics and dental offices.

We described the similarities and the differences between these two. Dental offices in Mississauga provide quality treatment to people. They are known for their better services. If you find this article informative, the purpose of our writing is fulfilled. Keep visiting our page for more valuable pieces of paper.

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