Core Java Class Notes PDF download & Core Java Syllabus

Core Java Class Notes PDF download & Core Java Syllabus: Are you searching for the Core Java/ J2SE Syllabus and class notes, then you must check this post. Here you can find the class room notes along with the syllabus for Java interviews. Core Java is nothing but Java SE (Java Standard Edition).

Core Java Notes PDF and Syllabus Book

If you want to download the Core Java/ J2SE concepts class note book for preparing Interviews, then follow this page. In the below sections, you can find the PDF book along with the syllabus.

Importance of Java Standard Edition Topics or Core Java Concepts

  • If you want to learn Java Programming, You must know the basic concepts in Java Platform, SE
  • Without Core Java concepts, you cannot understand the Java EE
  • If you want to learn Android, Core Java is important
  • Are you looking to learn any software tools? then, you must need to understand the basic concepts inside the Java Standard Edition, nothing but Core Java

Core Java Syllabus

Let’s have a quick look at the Core Java (Java SE) Syllabus & Topics below.

Core Java Syllabus & Topics/ Concepts – Java SE


  • Why Java
  • Paradigms in Java
  • Difference between C and Java
  • Java vs Core Java
  • History of Java
  • Features of Java
  • Java Programming Structure
  • Tokens in Java
  • Java Statements
  • Data Types in Java
  • Type Casting in Java

Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPS)

  • Java Classes & Objects
  • Static Keywords
  • Constructors in Java
  • Java This Keyword
  • Inheritance in OOPS
  • Super Keyword in Java
  • Polymorphism in Java
  • (Over Loading & Over Riding)
  • Abstraction in OOPS
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstract Classes
  • Interfaces

String Manipulations

  • String
  • String Buffer
  • String Tokenizer

Java Packages 

  • Introduction to all predefined packages
  • User Defined Packages
  • Access Specifiers

Exception Handling

  • Pre Defined Exceptions
  • Try-Catch-Finally
  • Throws, throw
  • User Defined Exception


  • Thread Creations
  • Thread Life Cycle
  • Life Cycle Methods
  • Synchronization
  • Wait() method
  • notify() method
  • notify all() method


  • Util Package interfaces, List, Set, Map
  • List interface 7 its classes
  • Set interface & its classes
  • Map interface & its classes

INNER Classes

  • Member inner class
  • Static inner class
  • Local inner class
  • Anonymous inner class


  • Diff b/w awt and swing
  • Components hierarchy
  • Panes
  • Individual Swings components Jlabel, JButton, JTextField, JTextAres.


  • Components
  • Event-Delegation-Model
  • Listeners
  • Layouts
  • Individual components Lable, Button, CheckBox, Radio Button, Choice, List, Menu, Text Field, Text Area

Download Core Java Notes PDF Book

Finally, you can download the core java class notes from this section.

Core Java Notes PDF (J2SE Part 1): Click Here To Download

Core Java Notes PDF (J2SE Part 2): Click Here To Download

Disclaimer: We sincerely thank KV Rao sir for sharing Java knowledge to the students. Also, thanks to the person of my training class who shared the class notes in the year 2011.

Credits: KVR Sir

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What Is Core Java Syllabus?

Concepts Covered in Core Java

Java Fundamentals. OOPs Concepts. Overloading & Overriding. Inheritance with Interface and Abstract Class. Exception Handling.

Can I Learn Java In 30 Days?

Everyone wants to learn Java programming as soon as possible, but it is not easy. To become a successful Java developer, the only way is to do the practice of all basics and advanced concepts of it. If we follow the following learning path, we can learn Java in one month only