Converting PDF Files to PDFA Using GoGoPDF


The PDF file format is one of the most widely used file formats in the world. The demand for file converters that convert PDF files to other file formats is on the rise due to how mainstream this file format is. GoGoPDF, one of the best conversion websites, just so happens to offer conversion of PDF files to other file formats. 

Though PDF files are incredibly convenient, they are not ideal for the long-term preservation of digitized documents. In place of this, the PDF/A file format has been developed, and it specialized in long-term file preservation and archiving, and GoGoPDF happens to offer conversion of PDF files to PDF/A. 

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Why Use GoGOPDF for Converting PDF to PDF/A?

GoGoPDF is one of the best file conversion websites out there, and for good measure. Not only does it offer file conversion of PDF to PDFA, but it also provides a multitude of other services that are most commonly used. GoGoPDF is also extremely easy to use, making it one of the best go-to file converters worldwide. 

On top of that, GoGoPDF is also extremely accessible, seeing as users can use it on any browser, on any operating system. GoGoPDF’s accessibility and services all come for the low price of free, making it an excellent website for everyone. With that, here’s how you can use GoGoPDF to convert PDF files to PDFA.

Using GoGoPDF to Convert PDF to PDFA

Due to its user interface and hassle-free system, converting PDF files to PDFA is as easy as counting your fingers with GoGoPDF. However, despite its easy-to-understand instructions, some may still be perplexed. Hence, here’s how to convert PDF files to PDFA in three easy and quick steps using GoGoPDF.

Open GoGoPDF on Your Browser

Using any browser, type in ‘gogopdf’ in the search bar and click on the first result that comes up or type in ‘’ If you want to skip the process of looking for the pdf to pdfa icon on GoGoPDF’s homepage, you can also opt to type in ‘’ All of these ways work, so which method you use is entirely up to you. 

If you opted to use the first two methods mentioned, look for the ‘PDF to PDF/A’ icon on the screen and click or tap on it. Doing so should lead you to the page to convert your PDF files to PDF/A format. 

Upload Your PDF File

If you are on your laptop or computer, you can upload your files either by dropping them in the designated area or by selecting the files directly from your folder. Once you have your files on the page, you can now start your conversion process. This should only take a few moments, but conversion time is entirely dependent on your internet speed. 

If you are on a tablet or a phone, you cannot drop the files onto the designated area. Instead, you must select the file directly from the folder it is in. Once you have successfully uploaded your files, you can now start converting. Again, the conversion speed depends entirely on your internet speed, so please remain patient. 

After Conversion

After you’ve finished uploading and converting your files, you can download the PDF/A file, share it to your Google Drive, send it to someone through email, or get a shareable link that you can send to others. Downloading the PDF/A file shouldn’t take too much time as long as the file size is relatively small and as long as you have a strong wifi connection. 

Ultimately, converting PDF files to PDFA using GoGoPDF is hassle and worry-free due to its intuitive user interface, quick processing, and excellent privacy. All documents uploaded are removed from their database an hour after being uploaded, ensuring user privacy. 


Nowadays, the importance of digitized files does nothing but increase day by day. Consequently, the demand for websites and applications that offer file conversion services increases, making it all the more important to find a file converter best tailored to your needs and wants. 

GoGoPDF is one of the best file converters, not just for converting files to PDFA from pdf but also for managing and editing PDF files. It is also great for converting other file formats to PDF and converting PDF files to different file formats, so if you or anyone you know is on the hunt for an excellent PDF to PDFA converter online, make sure to check GoGoPDF out.