Complete Living Room Sets for Your Home

If you’ve just relocated and need to furnish your new home, then you know just how difficult it is to find reasonably priced furniture. Typically lower prices equate to lower quality pieces, and who wants to sacrifice one for the other? Or, you may have thought about remodeling your current home, but the prices at retail outlets have deterred you from making a change. 

Everyone deserves to have a nicely furnished home without worrying about running up a bill that puts a strain on their finances. Shopping online, you’re more likely to find discounted furniture. Combine that with the convenience of browsing at your leisure, and That. And, if you’re desire is to give your home a facelift, the best place to start is the living room.

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Nowadays, families need multifunctional living room sets since the space is often used for many purposes. But how do you determine just what furnishings will fit best in the home? Well, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you get the best set for everyone.

Start by thinking about who will use the room and what they will use it to do. What are some of the activities performed in the space? 

For many, the living room is a media room the family gathers to take in the latest movies or binge watch the newest tv series sensation. So, what type of mood do you want to set? Warm and cozy, or cool and relaxed? The answer will have a lot to do with your choice of seating, and since the sofa is the centerpiece of the room, be sure to choose wisely.

You want a cohesive look, so matching loveseats and accent chairs are a must no matter the room’s mood. As mentioned before, it can be costly to purchase new furniture, but it doesn’t have to be. There are complete living room sets from quality brand name designers for sale with a price-match guarantee. 

Here’s an example of full sets for living rooms on 1StopBedrooms, the only place you have to shop for furniture. On the website, you’ll immediately notice the affordable pricing on every living room set. That’s because the company deals directly with the manufacturer, leaving out the expensive third parties that most retailers use to handle their furniture. 

That allows them to offer you deep discounts on names like Ashley, Coaster, Liberty, and more. With over 200k verified online reviews, they are also America’s highest-rated furniture company, and that’s no small feat. They are committed to giving you the best pricing possible and have free nationwide delivery on every order. 

And since everyone should be able to design the living room of their dreams without breaking the bank, there is also twelve, twenty-four, and thirty-six-month financing available to all customers. Choose the one that works for your budget and make small monthly payments on your new living room set. 

So, let’s go back to what activities will happen in the space and pick pieces to match the function. TV viewing usually goes hand in hand with snacking. Because you’ll be sitting there for a while, you want to be comfortable and have your snacks conveniently within arm’s reach. Then you might want to check out a set like the Man-Den Gray Leather Power Reclining set.

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With features like a pull-down table with cupholders, you’ll keep your snacks close and your drinks from spilling over. You can also keep your phone charged with the built-in USB and wireless phone charging available. Each armrest has storage compartments where you can keep the emergency snack stash. 

Another great feature is the lumbar support for anyone with lower back problems to use. That will ensure they can binge-watch their favorite program for hours without discomfort. The set is 100% leather, so cleaning up accidents will be a breeze if you have small children. 

You’ll notice the website lists additional items to help you finish the look, and a lift-top coffee table can double as a food tray. Just pop the top up towards you as you sit on the sofa and enjoy your snack spread while watching tv. Pick a rug, wall art, lamps, end tables, and more to wow your family and your guests. 

And remember, you don’t have to pay it all today. Finance the order and start enjoying your new living space. If you want to look at more additional pieces but aren’t sure which will work best with the set, reach out to a design specialist for assistance. 

These non-commissioned professionals are ready to help you with any concerns and answer your questions. Talking with a designer is free for all 1Stop shoppers. They will make sure you are satisfied with your chosen pieces and overall shopping experience. 

So tell them what you plan to use the room for, and if it’s also an office space, they’ll help you locate the right desk. If you spend time in the room reading quietly, a sofa or loveseat with lighting in the headrest would be ideal. 

Assess the space and figure out the furniture placement well before it arrives. Do you want a large media wall or a simple tv stand? Take measurements to determine which is best. Is it a small, closed-off space where storage is an issue? Then look for sofas and loveseats with hidden storage compartments. Storage ottomans will also give you a place to store magazines and other reading materials you use.

What are your hobbies? Do you enjoy sketching, writing, knitting, or scrapbooking? If so, keep your tools tucked neatly away in end tables with storage. Whatever you use the room for, you are bound to locate everything you need to function in the space with ease on 1Stop. With discounts of up to 75% off select living room sets, there’s no need to give up on quality when spending less than you would at a traditional retailer. So visit the site today and begin saving big!