Complete Knowledge on home interior paint and their combinations 



The interior walls of your home give out a vibe of what your home is. If you are living in a building, exterior wall colours do not matter so much. Interior wall painting is quite a difficult chore for many homes. It has to perfectly blend with the furniture and the curtains. One also has these questions while thinking of interior wall painting – should the colour of the house be uniform or should I use colour combinations?

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These days many households want their homes to have a unique sense of aesthetics. They want their homes to stand out through their interior wall colours. Hence, colour blocking combinations can be the most ideal way for your interior wall paintings. Take a look of banquet tablecloths to get best match.

Let us have a look at these colour combinations

  1. White and grey 

The colour combination for the interior walls of your house has a sombreness attached to it. But it has a sense of sophistication embedded. White is a classic colour used in most interior wall paintings. The grey adds that contrast to it. This colour blocking combination is easy to carry out. Its versatility makes it suitable for any walls of our home be it your living room or study room, and even bathroom walls. All it needs is a matte finishing to look good.

  • Blue and yellow 

The blue and the yellow colour combination looks electrifying as the choice for interior wall painting. It exudes warm and energetic vibes. Colourists say this colour combination brings out a home’s personality, which is a mixed bag of mellowness and drama.  This colour combination looks great for your entire house, especially with silk finishing.

Take a look at these vivid house color combinations which add a dramatic vibrance to your homes.

  • Grape and Aqua Blue

It is a colour combination that combines the earth and the water elements. The grape and aqua blue combination for your interior wall painting exude a vibe of calmness. It is an experiment into darker shades of wall painting colour combinations. It has an illuminating effect that makes the space look bright. The grape and aqua blue colour combination make your interior walls look trendy and vibrant.

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  • Mahogany and Blush Pink

The blush pink colour combination is a trend for millennial homes. It is mostly featured on the walls of influencers and fashion bloggers. Combined with the mahogany colour, it gives a powerful and rustic vibe for your home. Both these colours make a zesty statement and look great with glossy finishing, especially in the living room, bedroom, and study room walls of your home

Take a look at how these types of interior paint that create aesthetics

  1. Brick and Teal 

This is a combination of two prominent earthy colours. It gives a vibe of sitting on a park bench and observing nature. The brick and teal colour combination for your interior walls makes the home look artistic, exuding calmness. It also makes the home stand out.


Color combination for your interior walls is like finding the matching shoe with your outfit. One can always experiment with darker and mellow shades to create a trendy colour combination. With the perfect paint finishing, it looks complete and beautiful.