Complete details of the NEET exam in this article


NEET Exams – quite probably one of the most important terms for any student pursuing a medical degree in the future. The last year has been quite adequate when it came to education and examinations. While most exams were conducted online, the NEET Exams were offline. 

With each year, there’s bound to be confusion for students regarding the NEET Exams and today this article will contain all the details students need to prepare themselves beforehand in the best way. From understanding the NEET Exams themselves, their respective topics, important dates, and other key factors, this article will contain facts and details about the NEET Exams of 2022.

NEET 2022 

The NEET examinations are specifically for medical students wanting to take admission in degree programs like MBBS, MDS, nursing, or veterinary. This national entrance exam is one of the biggest UG exams and is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) every year. Regardless, there have been some changes in some parts of the exams since last year that will be discussed below. Now, the 2022 NEET entrance exam for medical students could begin from May however it’s not confirmed by the NTA as of now. 


For a NEET aspirant, it’s certainly vital to thoroughly brief themselves about the syllabus to make an effective study plan. Typically, the NEET syllabus is based upon the science portion from various state boards of grades 11th and 12th. So, the NTA releases the Syllabus for NEET Exam to help students get an idea of the topics that could be asked in the entrance exam. 

The NEET syllabus of 2022 is not published on the website yet however NEET candidates can start preparing their studies by taking reference to last year’s syllabus. 


Physics is a tricky and challenging subject since it contains lots of calculations and theories. However to effectively understand all physics chapters students can refer to other resources which state the topics in a comprehensible way. 

The following topics have the highest weightage(5% or more) in the ascending order according to last year’s syllabus of NEET 2021: 

 GRADE 11:

  • The motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body-5%
  • Thermodynamics-9%


  • Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism-5%
  • Electromagnetic Waves-5%
  • Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation- 6%
  • Current Electricity-8%
  • Electromagnetic induction and Alternating Current- 8%
  • Electronic Devices-9%
  • Optics-10%


Chemistry is one of the subjects that NEET aspirants score the most in. That’s why students should take advantage of this and try to enhance themselves in this section to score high marks.

The following topics have the highest weightage(5% or more) in the ascending order according to last year’s syllabus of NEET 2021: 


  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure- 5%
  • Equilibrium- 6%
  • Thermodynamics- 8%


  • Solutions- 5%
  • p-block Elements- 5%
  • Coordination Compound- 9%


Biology is extremely significant in terms of weightage, several questions can be formulated from this subject and thus students must put their best efforts into this section. 

The following topics have the highest weightage(5% or more) in the ascending order according to last year’s syllabus of NEET 2021: 


  • Structural Organization in Plants and Animals-5%
  • Plant Physiology-6%
  • Cell Structure and Function- 9%
  • Diversity in Living World-14%
  • Human Physiology- 20% 


  • Ecology and Environment-6% 
  • Biology and Human Welfare-9%
  • Reproduction- 9%
  • Genetics and Evolution- 18%

Preparation tips for NEET 2022

Read NCERT textbooks thoroughly 

The NCERT books hold lots of value, especially when it comes to exams since these books have simple explanations and excellent practice questions! This is extremely helpful for NEET candidates as the practice is key for students appearing for such entrance exams. Similarly, these textbooks are great for reviewing content in case of doubts as NCERT books specialize in laying out fundamental concepts for all chapters. 


Apart from this, candidates need to keep revising the concepts and topics they have learned. Generally, students often tend to forget what they have done previously and have to re-study the topics. Moreover, students may also face confusion or difficulties after solving questions on a topic that they haven’t revised in a long time.

 To put it in simple words, revising is a technique to convert the short-term learned knowledge into a long-term memory which helps them retain it whenever necessary. Overall, it’s better if NEET candidates acquire a habit of regular revision after they have completed learning a chapter. 

Enlist the important formulas 

One of the most vital aspects of science subjects is its formulas, theorems, and standard methods of calculations. However, there are plenty of them which is why it becomes difficult for students to remember all of them and also learn which one to use when. 

Therefore it is suggested that students must enlist all the important formulas and theorems separately in a sheet. 

Solve sample NEET papers 

Another crucial part is making sure NEET aspirants have solved a good number of sample and past papers available on websites. By doing this, students get the idea of the paper pattern and style of the question paper hence can easily solve the entrance exam. 

The more students attempt to solve questions, the less likely they are to make silly mistakes or calculations errors which can cause a huge blunder during the exam. Science subjects require calculation accuracy and thus, trying to solve sample papers aids to also improve their performance in the exam. 

Important Dates 

NEET aspirants must keep checking the dates for the application, admit card, and exams. Since the covid 19 pandemic hasn’t ended yet so it may be postponed. As of now, one can assume these dates to be tentative and should not be surprised by any changes in them.

Further, the dates for the upcoming exams have yet to be announced so there’s wild speculation on the initial dates themselves let alone any more changes in the future. It is suggested that students only confirm and attain the dates for exams through an official source and no one else. 


Altogether, these were some critical details about the upcoming NEET exams of 2022. All NEET aspirants should vigilantly prepare for these examinations and also follow tips or tricks to get higher marks in their exams, as a higher score means a better rank that’s extremely important for a NEET candidate. Also, aspirants should prepare themselves well before appearing for this entrance exam.