Cloud kitchen evolution in the post Covid world

The outbreak of Covid-19 has battered the sales at restaurants worldwide. In this scenario, there is a boom in the business model of cloud kitchen or delivery-only restaurants. As per the projection by PR Newswire, in 2019 the size of the global cloud kitchen market was valued at USD 43.1 billion and is expected to touch USD 71.4 billion by 2027. Let’s check the reasons that make cloud kitchens a hot favourite.

Top reasons that make cloud kitchens a clear favourite

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More hygiene conscious customers – 

Nowadays, restaurant customers are quite scared of the Covid-19 contraction. They prefer to order food online rather than take the risk of stepping outside. The survey conducted by Mckinsey shows that in the post Covid-19 world there will be a 28% growth in customers opting for food takeout and delivery. Hence it’s the right time to start your cloud kitchen business.

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Low investment – 

Unlike a brick-and-mortar restaurant, you don’t have to rent out a building in a prime locality. To add on, there is no need for you to hire servers or front-of the house staff. Thus, the costs involved in setting up a cloud kitchen is quite less which makes it more attractive.  

Technology makes life easy – 

In a cloud kitchen business, diners place orders via websites, call centres and social media platforms. Do you feel that it will be quite cumbersome to manage orders from multiple sources? Not at all. A digital restaurant management software such as Inresto POS help you seamlessly process orders from various platforms. 

Running short of raw materials should not worry you anymore. A modern day supply chain management software helps you track the inventory levels live from any location, anytime. Whenever it’s time for you to place the fresh order of stock, the software alerts you on the same. It also cuts down raw material wastage and theft to a large extent.  

Parting Words

The concept of cloud kitchens has gained increasing popularity in the post-Covid world. Undoubtedly starting a cloud kitchen will lead to increase in business and an excellent opportunity to make quick bucks.