Class 5 Math Olympiad

Class 5 Math Olympiad is a very important exam for those who want to increase their logical and analytical knowledge in mathematics. It is very important to prepare well and efficiently to have a good chance of acing the examination. 

Mistakes to be Avoided While Preparing for Class 5 Math Olympiad

  • Not Having An Effective Study Plan

 Having a proper and effective study strategy is very important for effective preparation, especially when it comes to mathematics papers. Often students create a study plan just for namesake and then do not follow them. This will lead to them only going through and focussing on those topics where they are strong and not on those where they are really weak. Thus, this will have a huge impact on their performance in the exam as they would not be able to complete their paper on time due to their lack of time-management skills.

  • Not Going through the Past papers

A strong emphasis should be given to the use of practice papers for efficient preparation. Solving past papers such as Class 5 IMO PYQP is the best way students can understand the paper pattern and the difficulty level of the questions throughout the years. Also, through solving sufficient papers a student’s confidence is boosted.    

  • No Regular Revisions or Tests

Mathematics is not a read and remember the subject, it should be practiced religiously for a student to get a hold over it. The only key to success for maths is Practice. But whatever had been learned and practiced should also be revised and tested regularly. 

  • Not Having a Good Sleep Pattern

Students need to have a good diet and sleep pattern for the best functioning of their minds and body. This does not mean students should oversleep as well. The best duration of sleep should be 7-8 hours. A well-balanced diet is necessary for the body to remain healthy as well. These are often ignored by students while they overwork and load themselves in junk food. Having a balance in studies and self-care; will increase productivity tenfold.

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  • Not Going Through the Paper at least Once before Answering

 On receiving the question paper, the first thing a student is expected to do is to skim through the entire paper at least once. This will help them to understand where they need to begin first and spend more time and which questions, they can solve faster. Students often start answering without checking all the questions for the fear of not having enough time to complete the paper. But what happens in most cases is that when doing this, their fear comes true. Since they did not spend time properly with different questions they would not have been able to solve the paper.

  • Not being Careful while Putting in the Answers on the OMR Sheet

Be aware of the OMR sheet. Not knowing how to answer in this sheet often puts students into big trouble as this causes them to put their answers in the wrong places thus losing marks. Learning about the OMR sheet and how to carefully answer is to reduce the chances of losing grades. Also, in the hurry to complete the paper on time, students may often tend to put in the wrong answer sheet. Look at the answer sheet carefully when marking your answer to avoid that mistake. It’s common to see that students tend to forget to put their details on the sheet before starting to answer the paper. Marks are not rewarded to those papers that do not contain students’ particulars. Hence, make sure to do that the minute you receive the paper.

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  • Not Being Careful With Calculations

Calculations are very important in mathematics and making silly mistakes is very common during such exams. Do not try to calculate everything in your head as it can go wrong quite often. Write down the sums and calculate the answers manually on the paper provided to reduce your chances of making mistakes. It will also make your rechecking process go easier. Graphs often seem quite easy, which they are if learned properly but can very easily be misinterpreted. Look at the question and read carefully before you answer a graph question. Before all this, it is also important to read the questions carefully. There is always a strong chance that students might miss a keyword if they misread a question. 

  • Not Rechecking

If you have finished answering the paper before time, do not be hasty and run out of the examination hall instead, take your time to check and recheck your answers over and over again. There is a good chance a mistake might be found that could be corrected. Even if you finish the paper almost on time itself, recheck it. Make sure that you have answered the paper to the best of your ability. Do not waste time. 

  • Panic or Anxiety

Panic or anxiety does not help you to write and complete your paper to the best of your abilities instead; you lose the focus of your surrounding environment disabling you from answering your paper. The best way to erase panic and anxiety is by having efficient preparation. Follow a planned strategy, practice past papers, and take online mock tests to familiarise yourself with the paper pattern and time. Believe in your preparation and be calm. If you start to panic when seeing a question that you do not know, put the pencil on the paper for a minute and calm yourself. Move on to the next question that you know and come back to the earlier question after completing the paper.


Math Olympiad requires good time management- during preparation as well as during the exam. It is important to know and understand the syllabus and practice, practice and practice. The minute you receive the question and answer paper make sure you remember the following: write down your details on the answer paper, read through the question paper before answering, and do not panic on seeing the question paper. Be careful with your calculations and graph.