Best Motorcycle Ramps You Need for This Summer


As summer approaches and the mercury rises, the call of adventure gets stronger. You’ll answer it, of course, with your bike geared up and ready to go. You certainly won’t hit the freeway on your bike to reach your favorite trails, so you’re going to need a motorcycle ramp. But which kind should you buy? This brief guide explains the ins and outs of bike ramps, plus some tips for finding a ramp that best meets your needs.

How Do You Get a Motorcycle in the Back of a Truck?

Transporting your bike with a pickup truck gives you some advantages. For one, you don’t need a lot of extra supplies – just a ramp, a bike stand and a set of sturdy straps or tie-downs to secure the bike. If you’re only hauling one or two bikes, using your existing pickup can be an economical solution.

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Sure, you could probably get your dirt bike into your truck bed without a ramp. Keep in mind, however, that the average wet weight of a dirt bike is 215 pounds. And even if you’re a pretty strong person, there’s no guarantee you can lift the bike into the bed safely without assistance. Having a dirt bike ramp just makes the whole process faster and easier. Once you have your gear ready and your tailgate open, you can load the bike by following a few steps:

  • Position the stand inside your truck bed.
  • Unfold and set up your ramp: one end on the tailgate, the other on the ground.
  • Walk your bike up the ramp by its handles.
  • Secure your dirt bike with your straps or tie-downs.

And that’s it! You’re done, and your bike is now ready to transport. Sounds simple, right? Exactly. That’s what a bike ramp can do for you.

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What Is the Best Motorcycle Ramp?

Motorcycle ramps are made from pretty sturdy stuff. They have to be. After all, they’re supporting hundreds of pounds of metal, rubber, glass and plastic. With that in mind, you’ll want to look at three key factors while shopping for your ramp: weight capacity, length and width. The rationale behind these is straightforward. The ramp must be long enough to rest securely on the ground and your tailgate. It must also accommodate your bike’s size and weight.

You’ll likely find many motorcycle ramps with the right specs. But it’s also worth looking at each model’s features. Most are made from aluminum – strong enough to bear your bike’s weight yet lightweight for easy carrying. Some, like Titan’s motorcycle ramp series, feature arched designs that give you better ground clearance during loading. Titan ramps also have serrated crossbars for solid traction while you’re walking your bike up into your truck bed.

Other Motorcycle Transport Options

Your truck bed isn’t the only option for transporting motorcycles. Titan’s double motorcycle carrier is made from rustproof steel and can support up to 1,000 pounds. Compatible with 2-inch receiver hitches, this carrier includes a ramp to help you load your motorcycles. Once you’re done, the ramp conveniently stores underneath the carrier. With high-quality ramps and carriers like these, you have a wide range of motorcycle transport solutions.