Are Consumers Satisfied with the Electricity Bill Payment Approach through UPI Apps?

Since mobile technology now permeates so many aspects of our life, many people are at ease with using mobile banking to pay their utility bills online. The ease of immediate, simple and accessible mobile-based payment has made it famous. According to research, approximately 67% of consumers pay their electricity bills via mobile-based payments. There has undoubtedly been a change in preferences. The first platform to introduce the UPI payment method was the BHIM UPI payment app.

Integrated Payments Platform (UPI)

What is the first thing you do on your smartphone, even before downloading other shopping apps? You set up a payment app with a Unified Payment Interface (UPI). The UPI app has advanced significantly. The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a system that integrates various bank accounts, smooth fund routing and merchant payments into a single phone app (of any participating bank). Additionally, it offers “Peer to Peer” collection requests, which can be scheduled and paid for based on convenience and need.

NPCI conducted a test launch with 21 member banks in light of the above mentioned circumstances. Dr. Raghuram G. Rajan, Governor of the RBI, launched the pilot program in Mumbai on April 11, 2016. Banks began submitting UPI-enabled applications to the Google Play store on August 25, 2016. From the first UPI platform – the BHIM UPI payment app, to a wide range of them, the UPI payment sector has come a long way.

How Does It Work?

UPI utilizes technologies like IMPS and the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System that is already in place to enable efficient settlement across accounts. It allows push (pay) and pull (receive) transactions, supports barcode or over-the-counter payments and can handle recurring payments like utility bills, fees and other subscriptions.

Technology enables mobile payments without needing credit or debit cards, net banking, or the requirement to enter account details once a single identification is established. Connecting people with bank accounts via smartphones would increase the security of critical information and enable seamless transactions. Choose apps like MobiKwik for your electricity bill payments and pay the bills swiftly and efficiently. You can view the bill status, make payments quickly and enjoy exciting offers too.

Examples of the Services UPI Provides

UPI provides several key functions. Users get access to their balances, transaction history, and the ability to send and receive money. Users require an account number, the Indian Financial System Code (or IFSC, an alphanumeric code that enables electronic transfers). 

How Is It Special?

  • 24-hour, all-year immediate money transfers on smartphones
  • You can use one mobile application to access multiple bank accounts
  • Single Click 2 Factor Authentication – Compliant with regulatory requirements while offering a very potent single click payment functionality
  • With no need for the consumer to submit information like their card number, account number, IFSC, etc., the virtual address of the customer for Pull and Push offers incremental protection
  • QR Code
  • The easiest solution to the inconvenience of Cash on Delivery or hurrying to an ATM
  • Using a single app, a merchant can accept payments
  • Utility bill payments, Over Counter Payments, electricity bill payment, and payments made using QR codes (scan and pay)
  • Scalable donations, collections and disbursements
  • Using a mobile app to file a complaint directly

Some Other Benefits to the Customers

  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Multiple bank accounts can get accessed with the help of a single application
  • Utilizing a Virtual ID is safer and prevents sharing of credentials
  • authentication with a single click
  • Offers, rewards, cashback and Pay later options offered by apps like MobiKwik


According to research, UPI handled payments totaling over $1.09 trillion, or nearly Rs 83.45 lakh crore, in the financial year (FY) 2021–22. It proves that consumers are satisfied with the electricity bill payment approach through UPI apps and their preferred payment method. The electricity bill payment is quick and straightforward using mobile-based payments. You can complete the process at any time and from anywhere. All you require is a smartphone and you must link the associated payment applications to your bank accounts.