Application Maintenance and Support Activities in IT Industry

Application Maintenance and Support in IT industry includes many activities and functions. As a production support employee, you need to perform the following activities in a project environment. After moving the project from development to production it is under 24/7 surveillance by a team of members in rotational shifts. Team members in the concerned shift should take care of the requests and responses.

Application Maintenance and Support Activities in Production Environment

Moreover, candidates in IT production support should be responsible for Application Maintenance and Support Activities regularly. Usually, Clients will give more importance after moving the specific application to production (i.e., to live). Here the actual problem starts. End users may face various problems even after the user testing has been successful during the project development phase.

All these minute Issues sent to the development teams and production support teams in IT to rectify them. Responsible candidates have to complete the Root Cause Analysis(RCA) and should rectify the defect in the specified SLA. Below, you can see the general activities or a role played by a team member on production support environment.

Application Maintenance and Support Activities in IT Industry

Below are the list of activities carried by the production support team members in 24/7 environment.

  • Analyze the assigned defects from HP Quality Control (QC)
  • Complete the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) document and share with the team members
  • Analyze the Root Cause of the Defect and rectify the defect in the given SLA
  • Track daily error report from the logs and analyze the new defects or Errors and share the report with clients and Off Shore Team members
  • Connect with the clients on daily basis to report the off shore daily activities, especially to discuss on the production defects
  • Monitor the Data Sources and Managed Servers and Web services
  • Send Daily Status report to client, project manager and other team members through an Email
  • If there is any trouble from external applications, intimate the particular development team immediately without any time lapse. Since, a single project may in real time environment will be inter dependent on multiple applications running at different locations in different companies.
  • (Example: One Project may contain 5 applications which are inter-related. Where 2 are developed by Wipro and other 3 may developed by Infosys)
  • Alert all the project team members in adverse situations using DL
  • Keep all the Email Id’s and DL’s of each team

If I am missing anything here, drop a comment below.

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