An Ultimate Guide on How to Add Page Number to PDF Files Through PDFBear

Page numbering is a great way to easily locate essential information, organize your PDF page’s right sequence, and know if you have a missing page. However, adding page numbers on PDF documents can be pretty challenging for most users, especially those who don’t have any online PDF editing tools on their devices.

As such, one of the most used web-based editing tools across the market today is the PDFBear. This platform offers editing services to let you add number pages on any PDF files, making them more organized and presentable. If you want to try this online tool right now, this quick guide will tour you around the essential things about the PDFBear. 

The Process

PDFBear’s editing tool has a simplified process that even the least tech-savvy individual can navigate compared to other applications and software. It contains simple and straightforward directions, making it easier for anyone to add page numbers to PDF without a hassle. 

In fact, the professionals behind this web-based platform use the simplest words to discuss how PDFBear works. They want to ensure that their users won’t get intimidated when utilizing the platform’s editing tool. 

Below are the four steps that you have to go through when adding number pages to your PDF files with PDFBear:

  • First, you can either manually select the PDF file you wish to add number page then upload it to PDFBear’s conversion toolbar or drag and drop your document for a much convenient and quicker upload. 
  • Next, just wait until the PDF file is completely uploaded.
  • Once the uploading stage is finished, you should choose the position where you would like to put the number page on your PDF files. 
  • Then, tap “number pages” to successfully edit your PDF page. You can also modify your newly edited PDF file and download it to your device. 

The Compatibility

A lot of people encounter compatibility issues or harmful software when installing PDF applications over the web. Some of them may be free, but it is essential to always check every app’s reviews on the internet to prevent these problems from happening. 

However, if you want to skip the hassle and risks of software installation, you can try PDFBear’s editing tools instead! This online platform works completely well with all kinds of computer operating systems such as Linux, all Windows versions, Mac, and other widely used systems nowadays. 

Furthermore, you can open the PDFBear’s website through mainstream browsers such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and more. Thus, as long as you are connected to the internet, you can access this online platform’s editing services and add page numbers to PDF anytime and anywhere. 

The Membership Plans

You can use PDFBear’s editing tool without any charges if you subscribe to its 14-day free trial account. Throughout this period, you can add a number page to a single PDF document per task with up to 50 MB in size — for absolutely free. On the seventh day of your free subscription, PDFBear’s system will give you a sort of reminder to note that your trial account will be about to end. 

Furthermore, if you want to try out the unlimited perks of this online tool, you can upgrade your subscription to PDFBear’s premium account. With this paid plan, you will enjoy unlimited storage space for your document and a limitless amount of OCR tasks. 

Besides that, you can also have infinite access to all the PDFBear’s tools and services with up to 2048MB in size. Additionally, the premium members are always on the top priorities of PDFBear’s customer and technical service. Hence, all their queries are of high importance and will be taken action during office hours with priority support. 

All these benefits won’t cost you a considerable amount of money. In fact, you will only have to pay $5.99 per month to avail the perks mentioned above and more. With that in mind, there’s no doubt why PDFBear became one of the best online PDF editing tools available in the market as of writing.  


Installing software or downloading applications to add a PDF number page may harm your device. So, instead of taking the risk of possible malware and viruses, you may opt to get the help of PDFBear’s editing tool. 

The perks and benefits mentioned above are just some of the good things you will experience working with this platform. As long as you have a stable internet connection and a compatible device, you can always grab the PDFBear on the go.