Agile Software Development Methodology Process PDF

Agile Software Development Methodology PDF: All the IT companies are following Agile Software Development Methodology in Software Projects. Agile has become most common in software development nowadays. If you are a new employee, you should know about the Agile Software Development Methodology.There are many activities in developing a Software Application in Agile Environment.

Agile Software Development Methodology for Dummies

A Story Board is made with the team member names and with the story Id’s and Status for the development of a Software Module. Similarly, other agile teams will focus on their respective Module of the Software Application. All the agile teams contains the both Development Team and Testing Team and a Scrum Master Scrum master manages the daily activities of the Agile Team Members. He is similar to a Project manager, but particular o that sprint. (Note: Scrum Master and Project Manager are different)

What is a Sprint in Agile Development?

A sprint is an approximately 2 Weeks (10 Working Days) where the development, deployment and testing of a software functionality happens. Sprints naming conventions are generally follows like sprint 1.1, sprint 1.2, 1.3, and son on till the completion of the software module and taking it to the Live (production).

How an Agile Sprint Works?

Now coming to the real story of an Agile Sprint!

1st Day: Participate in the Story Grooming Session. Discuss about the stories/ tasks with the testing team. Where tasks are divided to the team members in the name of stories. (Note: Tasks or also called as stories)

2nd Day: Start your work and try to complete the tasks within the time.

3rd Day to 5th Day: Completed stories will be shown as done on the story board and other stories are will be in various stages like “Under Development”, “Under Deployment”, “testing” etc. However, Development team takes 2 to 4 days to complete the tasks. And, the remaining days are used for deployment and testing by the other team members.

(Note: Defects may also be assigned as a stories/tasks for the team members. This means the development team and testing should successfully complete the defect)

6th Day to 7th Day: Deployment and Testing happens

8th Day: Review from Clients

9th Day/10th Day: Sprint Retrospection- Where Scrum Maser discusses what went wrong and want went well in the completed sprint. Moreover, they focus on How to improve the team for the next sprint (i.e. sprint 1.2)

The main intention of this article is to guide the new joiners and entry level employees in IT industry. Hope, this article helps freshers and newbies.

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