A Food Lover’s Guide to Eating Local Cuisines in Shillong 

One of the most beautiful and scenic siblings of the famous Seven Sisters in the Northeast region of the country is the state of Meghalaya. Blessed with the essence of tribal culture and unmatched natural beauty, Shillong in Meghalaya is the perfect place to spend quality time with your friends and family. Spending a quiet vacation in this scenic Himalayan state is something to rejuvenate your body and mind in the best possible manner.  

As you continue exploring Shillong, trying out the local delicacies is truly recommended. One of the best ways to do it in the comfort of your hotel room or staycation venue is to ensure online food delivery in Shillong. The food of Shillong is so distinctive that you will remain in awe of all the local cuisines you devour across the beautiful city. 

Must-try Foods for Delivery in Shillong 

Food throughout the state of Meghalaya has gained immense popularity throughout the nation. While some of the major items for online food delivery in Shillong -like momos, noodles, and steamed rice are quite common, the secret trove of Meghalaya cuisine has effectively inspired the business of street food as well. Meghalaya cuisine also features some of the famous food items from surrounding regions like Assam, Bengal, North India, and even China. 

When you are in Meghalaya, some cuisines you should try through food delivery online services in Shillong are: 

  • Jadoh 

Jadoh is one of the most famous Khasi street food cuisines in entire Meghalaya. It is rare to find someone who is not fond of this dish in the area. It is quite a popular food item that there is a dedicated restaurant named Jadoh in Shillong. The restaurant has become quite famous amongst the locals as well as tourists. 

The dish is a delicious preparation of pork and red rice and a food heaven for meat-eaters. It is said that the dish is meltingly delicious. Those who love spices can ask for an extra helping of local green chilies in the Jadoh preparation. Drench the same in a delicious chutney serving and make your palette dance to the tunes of deliciousness. 

  • Don-Khlieh 

Delicious cuisines in Meghalaya tend to celebrate pork in its full glory. Whether it is boiled, steamed, grilled, or fried, pork has a major role to play in most of the local cuisines consumed in the region. One such cuisine is the Doh-Khlieh -usually a salad prepared with green chilies, minced-up pork, and onions.  

The dish might appear simple one. However, the distinctive feature of the dish is the servicing of pig brains, bread, and delicious curry along with this famous local delicacy. The ultimate magic of this famous local cuisine in Shillong is a must-have experience for your next trip to the city. As you explore the Police Bazar in Shillong, you can have the divine pork salad at local restaurants or fast food centers preparing some of the most scrumptious Khasi dishes in the region. Otherwise, you can opt for online delivery of food in Shillong to enjoy your meals right in the comfort of your home. 

  • Tungrymbai 

Most locals are seen queuing up at the local streets of the city to get the daily plate of the famous dish here known as Tungrymbai. The dish is quite famous all around Meghalaya. It is prepared by fermenting soybeans grown in the region.  

It is unlikely that you get this dish in any other part of the nation than northeast India. Therefore, it is one of the must-have delicacies when in Shillong. The dish is best consumed with roti or bread. You can enjoy Tungrymbai at local street stalls or through online food delivery in the city.  

  • Dohneiiong 

It is another famous dish that you would not like to miss out in Shillong. It features pork cooked with soy sauce and sesame seeds. The toasted sesame seeds -quite common in Chinese cooking, is known to take this famous dish to another level due to the overall crunch and flavors.  

It is common to come across Dohneiiong in multiple food stalls all around the major city center and Police Bazar. Otherwise, you can opt for online delivery of food in Shillong for your favorite serving of Dohneiiong. 

  • Chowmein 

While not a local dish, still Chowmein is quite a popular local dish in Shillong. Hot and spicy, chowmein is prepared with egg-based noodles across street-side stalls and even restaurants. Chowmein is usually served with pork or chicken while containing garlic, onions, ginger, and an abundance of spices across a bed of soft noodles.  

The dish is served across most famous Chinese stalls as well as restaurants in the city. However, if you want the best, you can order for online food delivery from Kimfa in GS Road. 

  • Sakin Gata 

One of the most interesting aspects of famous cuisines in Meghalaya is that there is a delicate balance between Asian and tribal influences in their flavors. Travelers paying a visit to the Northeastern states in India will observe that there are specific dishes found in Meghalaya that are quite similar in surrounding regions as well.  

Sakin Gata is available as a preparation of rice cake that will melt the instance you put it in your mouth. It is a sweet dish and features multiple layers of rice and roasted sesame seeds. This results in the preparation of a great combination of sweet, nutty flavor. Therefore, a single bite might not be enough to satiate your desires. Celebrated as one of the primary cuisines in Meghalayan thali, this dish is a treasure that you might come across a local sweet shop in Shillong. 


The next time you are in Shillong, try out these must-have local cuisines in the state of Meghalaya to fulfill your food desires. With Swiggy, you can enjoy the ease of food delivery services in Shillong from the famous local restaurants and fast food centers throughout the city