8 Secrets to Better Marks in Class 10 Science


The final or 10th board exams are an extreme set of important examinations that students have to face at some point in time. Typically, students struggle with subjects like maths and science because of the vast syllabus and numerical-based questions. However, to ace, any subject particularly science is not all that tough once a student has acquired the skills to accurately answer the paper. Gaining these skills can take a good amount of effort but it all pays well by the end. Regardless, students must get ready beforehand for their examinations so that they have plenty of time to revise as well. 

Today, 8 such tips and tricks are going to be mentioned in this article that will allow any student to ace the subject of Science in Grade 10.  

8 top secrets for acing your 10th-grade science exams

Learn all Topics

This is the most recommended and useful technique that many students miss out on. What may seem like a tedious task is not the most difficult milestone to accomplish. 

Studying all topics helps one gain a good summary of the entire subject’s book and even in-depth details into chapters. In addition, it is recommended to study these chapters chronologically since many books tend to have easier topics first and the tough ones at the back. Students can try and divide chapters into further smaller segments to gain ease into understanding and memorizing every concept in a quick period.

Make a flexible timetable 

Having a flexible timetable is crucial for effective time management. Candidates are recommended to divide the syllabus into a designated time slot. This will ensure that the allotted time is used productively and is not wasted. Sticking to a precise timetable will help 10th graders to achieve concentration and regularity. In addition, a flexible routine will allow students to add or remove tasks as per the importance of urgency. 

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Write all formulas, theories in one list 

One of the most important tricks for 10th graders is to prepare a list containing all the common formulas, theorems, and methods to solve calculations. This list will help students remember it quickly rather than looking for them in the textbooks time and again. To put it simply, writing all formulas separately is an efficient way to enlist and refer to them whenever necessary. Also, it’s extremely helpful for revision purposes especially before your exams, students can briefly have a lot on this list to retain it. 

Refer to the NCERT books

One of the best ways to crack the 10th-grade board exams of science is to refer to the NCERT books. These books are curated by subject expert panels to help students understand the concept and fundamentals well. Moreover, the NCERT books have excellent explanations on important complex topics and even have a great question bank. Most of the time, the questions are picked out from these books themselves, that’s why it’s beneficial for students who practice the miscellaneous problems from this textbook. Students can also find NCERT Class 10 Science Book PDF online on websites for free. 

Solve lots of past papers 

This tip too is underrated and overshadowed by many students. Solving past papers helps one in knowing the kind of questions different boards ask. These questions also have a possibility of being repeated (with different details/numerical) and can help one be aware beforehand of the pattern of questions that examiners tend to give out.

These past papers also help in revising any old concept that one may have missed out on (which will be discussed further in the next point) or give insights into perplexing questions that students struggle with during the final exams. 

Revise regularly 

The worst thing that can happen to a candidate is losing memory of something they prepared for. This is usually the result of a lack of revision conducted. Revisions help students to keep their memory and concept fresh every day till the exam date.

Past papers also assist students in remembering a method they may have long forgotten about. Revisions are also a good way for students to gain a good flow and ease in topics due to the numerous practice sessions one can conduct in these times. This point is also stressed and highly recommended by teachers since day one and is one of the most effective tips for students to excel in their papers. 

Study efficiently 

Students also often mug up the answers to frequently asked questions however it is not recommended for them to only remember the solution of a problem but also the concept behind it. That’s why it’s suggested that grade 10 candidates must study smartly and efficiently to get the best results in their board examinations. To do this, students should not try understanding complex topics since it’s time-consuming but rather look for an easier version by studying their fundamentals. 

Practice solving fast 

Last but not the least, students should try to amass the skills of solving the questions at a good pace. This will help them to complete the paper early and also give them a few extra minutes to precisely check their answers. Science papers can be lengthy and this is why students need to be prepared for them so that they can efficiently jot down the answers in the given time frame. This particular ability will also aid candidates in other subjects like mathematics which also requires questions to be solved quickly. 


In a nutshell, scoring high marks in science is very much possible if a student vigilantly puts in their efforts and consistently practices solving the papers. It’s also vital that students understand their exam pattern so that they can easily attempt the questions. If students have developed problem-solving and logical reasoning skills by learning then it will be very easy for them to top in science in their 10nth board examination. So, it’s recommended that students prepare themselves well by following these tips to get high marks in science. Moreover, students need to relax sufficiently as well as study daily to achieve their target score in science. All the best!