5 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Friends


Best friends make you laugh even in trying times, answers your phone no matter the time, and are right there when you want to celebrate. It’s perfectly natural that you can be that friend to them and show them you appreciate them by gifting something unique that can say what sometimes words cannot. You can also give these on a special occasion. Be it a marriage ceremony, graduation, a promotion, or even a new baby coming along. Following are the 5 most unique gifts that you can buy for your friends. 

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Personalized Stuff:

I know it might sound cheesy to give them the BFF besties written on a cup, but a personalized gift can be the best gift if you know your friend. It can be a pair of T-shirts with “I’m with an idiot” or “he has my back” to show your love in a silly way. You can also personalize a Sequin Pillow with your names on it under “Soul Sister” to put in that effort. Personalized gifts are actually the easiest option on this list. Even a matching color beaded bracelet can say BFF much more than anything else.

You can look for personalized gifts online for more ideas, and if you buy your family and friends gifts on holidays or coming back from a trip, cheaper options are always a good buy. The smaller the present, but a personalized one can have a more significant impact than an expensive one.

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DIY gifts:

Don’t we all have that one friend who loves to make their stuff or have that artist at heart and can even do their plumbing. What better gifts for them than something you can make yourself. It can even be an origami piece that you learned and made yourself to show the care and time you put into making it. If you are good with knitting, the easiest you can do is making them a beanie. If they love their wines, you can make it look like a bouquet with fresh flowers fixed around the bottle to surprise them for the special evening. You can also buy them some wooden stoppers that you colored yourself for different colored wine or alcohol bottles.

DIY gifts are a vast domain which we recommend searching online first to choose which one you can actually do. You can go online and get the best line printed with your photo together on practically anything these days.


In this age of digital entertainment and health care enthusiasts, what can be more unique than gifting them a subscription to something they love to do. The simplest is to buy a yearly subscription to Netflix, but it can be more than that. You can purchase an annual membership for that gamer friend for the console they own. It can also be a membership to a gym that will upgrade to the one they usually go to exercise. Spa membership is always good for workaholics who get little time to relax and would love once or twice a week free visits to that fancy Spa place you always talk about going to let off some steam.

You can combine a few of these when you decide and make a unique box of different subscriptions. You can search online for the best places that offer subscriptions, buy a few of them for you and your friend, and start exploring your town. The world is open to you, and you can explore it one day by at a spa, the next day at an open-air movie theater, next at an amusement park. You can go wild with your imagination and have the best of times with your friends. 

Design Service:

Your high school best friend is finally coming to the university you study in, or you have found a job for your friend living in another city. What can be a great gift than a Design service that can help them figure out the best look for their new move-in apartment? Design Service can also be an excellent gift for that family moving into a new house, changing the standard and outlook to their new home, and starting fresh. We all have once or twice thought about finding the best place to live and make it as homely as possible. If your friend or family has finally decided to take that plunge, you can help them out by hiring a pro to help them out and get the best ideas they have always dreamed of applying. A professional touch can do wonders in this case.


Buying your friends some Jewelry is always the safe option because everyone loves Jewelry that goes well with their outlook. It can be a ring or a necklace, a watch or a bracelet. You can always take them window shopping first to know what they like and love to wear. Take them out to the shopping malls and Jewelry stores and have fun while at the same time keeping an eye out for their reaction when looking at something stunning. Sometimes they don’t buy something because it might be expensive. You can buy them a discount voucher for their favorite Jewelry outlet to help them choose and pitch in. 

You should start by searching online for places that offer such vouchers. Feel free to explore Cuban link chains for men online if you’re buying it for a male friend. You can get many options if you know what to look for online.


Surprising a friend with a well-thought-out gift is always a blessing as that will really make them feel appreciated and show how much you care. We have given you some unique options but be constantly on the lookout for what your friends like to talk about or think of buying something one day. A little bit of effort and thinking outside the box to buy them a unique gift can really make their day or their month, for that matter.