5 things to check when hiring lawyers after a semi-truck accident

Injuries triggered by a truck accident can change your life. Because tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, and commercial trucks are oversized vehicles, even smaller mishaps can have catastrophic consequences. You probably know someone else is liable for the situation, but it is important to appreciate that truck accidents vastly differ from mishaps involving two regular cars. You cannot expect to win the battle without a legal ally. In this post, we share vital steps for finding an attorney for a semi truck accident.

  • Start with the work profile: Remember that the trucking industry is regulated by different state and federal laws, and not all lawyers who deal with auto accident claims can handle truck accident lawsuits. Look for an attorney who has experience and expertise in the field and has handled a significant number of cases. The lawyer’s deep understanding of the trucking world is critical for your claim.
  • Consider the comfort level: Meeting a truck accident lawyer doesn’t have to cost anything, and most firms in Nevada offer free or low-cost consultations. Schedule an appointment and check whether you like the vibe of the attorney. It is always better to work with someone who answers your questions and makes an effort to explain all legal aspects surrounding the case.
  • Check for trial experience: Trucking companies are backed by large insurance companies, and recovering compensation may not be a straightforward task. If negotiation or mediation fails, your lawyer should have the skills to represent you in court. Litigation can be complex, and if an attorney knows what it takes to argue at trial, you can trust them for the work.
  • Look for online ratings: You can find client testimonials on the websites of law firms, but it is also wise to check for ratings online. Find what others say on social media and search engines and find information on independent sites. There are also legal websites that can come in handy for your search.
  • Review the costs: A lawyer taking up your truck accident claim shouldn’t ideally demand anything to work on the case. Instead, they get a share of the settlement owed when you win. You could be responsible for case investigation and other expenses, and it is always better to have an estimate.

Never hire an attorney who is ready to guarantee you an outcome. No truck accident lawyer can control every aspect of a lawsuit, but they can ensure your interests are protected. Talk to an attorney now.

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