5 Reasons Why you Should opt for ITIL Certification


Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL is a framework of best practices meant for delivering IT services. The systematic approach of ITIL to IT service management can significantly help businesses in strengthening customer relations, managing risks, establishing cost-effective practices, and developing stable IT environments that enable good growth, change, and scale. 

ITIL was developed in the 1980s by the British Government’s Central Computer and Telecommunications. It was then adopted by other agencies in 2001 as a catalyst that resulted in achieving value for money in commercial activities, efficiency, and enhanced success in the delivery of products or projects. 

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The main goal of ITIL was to collect best practices that could help the government avoid the processes that increased costs or perpetuated errors. ITIL, today, is regarded as a pre-eminent standard meant for frameworks of IT service management. 

Axelos launched its latest version ITIL 4 which offers a more flexible, agile, and customizable version of ITIL mainly updated for modern businesses. The best part of the latest version is that it encourages fewer silos, better collaboration, communication across the entire business, and integrating DevOps and agile into ITSM strategies. 

Since all the IT firms are adopting ITIL, there is a huge demand for candidates who are properly trained, skilled, and certified professionals across all industries. 

One of the most revenue-generating industries across the world is the IT industry. If you earn an ITIL certification, it can add significant value. The ITIL 4 certification was launched in February 2019 and serves as the only major update to the ITIL framework. 

What is ITIL 4?

ITIL 4 focuses on automating processes, integrating the IT department into the business, along enhancing service management. In addition, it updates the framework to assist and answer modern technology, software, and tools. With the latest update, ITIL can now be integrated into every business and the latest framework accomplishes this task by being more flexible, collaborative, and agile. 

The nine guiding principles in ITIL 4 were adopted from the recent ITIL Practitioner exam, which includes communication, change management, and measurement, and metrics. The principles are:

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  • Focusing on Value
  • Designing for experience
  • Starting where you are
  • Working holistically
  • Progressing iteratively
  • Observing directly
  • Being transparent
  • Collaborating
  • Keeping it Simple

The ITIL framework provides companies with the discipline and structure required to design, build, deliver, and monitor new or enhanced services within time constraints, and that too within the budget. Before ITIL came into existence, companies faced a lack of discipline in service management, and also budget overruns, mismanagement, and shortage of successful results. With ITIL, these problems get solved easily. 

Let’s now look at the reasons for getting ITIL certification added to your resume.

Reasons for getting ITIL Certification

Since July 2013, Axelos maintains the ITIL framework and accredits institutes for training and certification exams. There are many ITIL ATOs (Accredited Training Organizations) to deliver training. There are four different levels of certifications offered by ITIL. they are:

  • Foundation
  • Managing Professional (MP)
  • Strategic Leader (SL)
  • Master

The reasons for getting certified are:

  • Global Recognition

Since ITIL has become a preeminent standard for delivering IT services, one of the most significant benefits of getting ITIL certified is the recognition that it provides over the globe and sets the benchmark of your skills and knowledge. A majority of global service providers specify ITIL as a prerequisite for professionals of service management. You can work in any organization irrespective of its size across different sectors including public, private, education, etc, as an ITIL Certified Professional. 

  • Salary Boost

Another important reason for getting a certification in ITIL is the boost it can give to your salary as well as a designation in the company you work in. After all, the main reason for improving your career is the salary (though it is a passion for most professionals too). By getting good salaries and designation, employees get motivated to work even harder for their organizations. The median annual salary of an ITIL certified professional, according to PayScale, is USD 74000 in the US and INR 9,69,199 in India. 

  • Improved SkillSet

With the certification, you improve your knowledge level and skills and become capable of completing tasks in a timely and cost-effective manner. Your skills get enhanced in such a way that you will easily cope up with challenges in the future and become a valuable asset for your company. Additionally, ITIL-certified professionals are usually easily adaptable to changes or improvements in the industry. 

  • Better Return Over Investments (ROIs)

Organizations today prefer ITIL Certified professionals because they are capable of establishing robust processes through service design, strategies, improvements, and many other aspects. This makes IT operations run smoothly, eventually decreasing costs and maximizing the value. So, ITIL-certified professionals can significantly improve the ROIs of the organizations they work in.

  • Flexibility

The structural design of the ITIL framework is designed in such a way that it provides you with insights into the complete functioning of the internal infrastructure of IT. The service design lifecycle trains you in a way that you will easily understand the design of different IT services and processes. So, you will gain an all-round knowledge of all aspects of the IT industry and you become capable of playing any role. Being flexible, you can have better chances of being hired. 

Other benefits of getting ITIL certified are:

  • Ability to communicate efficiently
  • Future-ready
  • Improved Customer Relationships
  • Growth and Promotions
  • Accumulates the best practices of the IT industry
  • Knowledge of different tools

And many more. 


Now that you are well acquainted with the benefits of getting an ITIL Certification, don’t wait for it anymore. 

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