5 Career Mistakes to Avoid


As my favorite hobby is to read what bloggers around the world write about, I spend quite a lot of time traveling the world, at least digitally. During one of my “visits” to Japan with Google translate, a specific title of an article caught my eye; “What are the benefits of women doing side jobs?“. WHAT? I suddenly felt like an enraged feminist? And I couldn’t help but read the article. I’m glad I did because it was a good article about working from home. It had nothing to do with “women,” so it could have been one of those funny translations, but the article got me thinking. Life is full of decisions.

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Every day of our adult lives, we must make decisions about one or more things, and one of the most important decisions we must make early in life is about our education. What to study, what to become, and what to base a career on Just when we think we have it all figured out, we realize that a career is not easy. There are so many mistakes to be made along the way, important mistakes from which we grow and learn, but also some we can avoid. This article will focus on 5 career mistakes you really should try to avoid and we are not talking about spilling coffee!  The interesting thing about decisions, especially the major decisions, is that they can make or mar the course of our lives. Decisions can influence how happy and fulfilled we will be in the future. This is why important decisions must not be hastily decided or influenced by emotions. A career is one of the most important activities in life because it offers a channel for generating income. It also helps you to enhance your skill and knowledge to provide suitable products or services for customers. Certain choices we make in our careers can generate regrettable results later in life. If you know some of these choices, you would be able to avoid them. You can check out some of the 5 career mistakes you should avoid below. 

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  1. Seeking Validation 

It is important to note that seeking opinions from others is a good thing because no one is an island of knowledge. The little advice from others might open our eyes to new perspectives on issues at times. However, when it comes to career decisions, you should flow according to your interest. This is because other people will use themselves as a yardstick for advising you and this may not entirely work best for you. Also, you should know that you will ultimately live with the outcome of your decision, hence, when soliciting advice from others, ensure you do a thorough evaluation. 

  1. Prioritizing Money

Money is one of the greatest motivations for human behavior but other factors make for job satisfaction other than money. When presented with two offers, of course you must consider the salary packages involved because money is a good motivation for every career. Money serves as a good compensation for the time and input you will be bringing to the job. However, your final decision must not be based entirely on monetary reasons. You should consider other elements like the time off, the work hours, chain of authority at the job, and level of creativity needed. All of these will help you avoid getting on a job with poor working conditions. 

  1. Lack of Interest in Building Relationship

It is great to have good academic qualifications and working experience but it is also good to cultivate good communication and networking skills. In life, relationships are like currency, it can present some opportunities even money may not be able to offer. Sometimes, you may get some offers and opportunities based on the good rapport you have with colleagues and superiors. If you are known to be unfriendly towards others, you may indirectly limit your chances of getting to the peak of your career. Regardless of the career choice you pick, you will likely be interacting with people, so it is good that you cultivate communication skills. 

  1. Lack of interest in Self Development

This is when you feel you have done enough and you are now unwilling to further improve your academic qualifications or your skills. Even after landing your dream job, it is recommended that you explore avenues of self-development. If you refuse to improve on your qualifications and certifications, you may be pegging the progress of your career. When it is time for promotion, the committee will likely consider your credentials and certifications and this could determine whether you will be promoted or not. Don’t wait for the opportunity to come before upgrading yourself. 

  1. Unwillingness to Evolve

You may find yourself on a job that is beneath your skillset or pay grade. If your current job does not make you happy and fulfilled or it’s too rigorous and repetitive then you should seriously consider quitting the job. However, in quitting your current job, the decision should be made either after you have found a new one or you have saved enough to start a business after you quit the job.  

As human beings, we are both rational and emotional beings and the possibility of making choices based on emotions rather than logic is high. However, emotions don’t last and when the feeling fades away, the individual may then begin to regret the actions they have taken. Wallowing in your failed decisions may diminish the productivity of the individual in their roles and inhibit the output at work. When we make the right choices for ourselves, it can bring happiness and vice versa. Hence you must avoid these mistakes.