3 Must-Have Smart Home Devices in 2021

What is a Smart Home Device?

A smart home device is basically an ordinary device such as a lamp or speaker that is connected to the internet and can perform miscellaneous functions for you often through voice controls or by being connected to your phone via the internet, Bluetooth, etc. 

With all us adults living increasingly busy lives: a home to run, a job to perform in, meals to prepare, kids and pets to look after, it’s no wonder that you might be feeling burnt out. To make matters worse even when you finally get those luxurious 30 minutes to sit on the couch and do nothing, you might feel the need to change the AC temperature or close the garage door. It’s a pain and we’ve all been through it. How convenient would it be if you just spoke and things got done? Almost magical right? Well, it’s not magic anymore because we’ve got a list of some smart home devices that you can incorporate within your home:

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  • Smart Speaker

Crucial to anyone making the transition to a smart home is a smart speaker. Why? Well, a smart speaker can act as the control center for all your other smart devices by connecting to them and allowing you to control them by voice via the speaker. Hence, it is important that you choose a voice assistance platform and a speaker that both suits your needs for music quality and is easily able to connect to other smart home gadgets. If you’re wondering which platform to look for then the most popular and widely used ones include Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant with each of their respective speakers as follows HomePod mini, Echo Studio, Amazon Echo, Nest Audio, and Sonos One. When setting up your smart home it is worth remembering that it is usually easier to stick to one platform in the entire house.

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  • Smart Lighting

Ever wished Instead of accumulating an assortment of lamps and installing all those different kinds of lights and bulbs you could just have the same bulb but different lighting according to your needs. Well, smart bulbs such as the Wyze Bulb Color are here to fulfill your wishes. Smart bulbs can be turned on and off via voice controls if they’re connected to a voice assistance platform. Apart from producing a range of lighting tones: cool whites, warmer shades, and dim lighting these bulbs also help conserve energy and last longer making them eco-friendly too. 

These smart bulbs can also be programmed in ways that help improve your sleep e.g. they can dim slowly or shine brightly over a period of time such as 20 minutes, which helps ease one into falling asleep and waking up. It also conserves energy as your lights won’t be on all night. On the plus side, in the morning you won’t be so grumpy since that horrible “switch on” sudden bright light is no longer painfully waking you up. 

  • Thermostat

We all know that heating and cooling costs can rack up quite a bill, but while it seems like there’s not much you can do about it. After all, you need the air conditioner and heater to help cope with extreme weather. The truth is, you can install a smart thermostat. This gadget will not only cut down on energy costs but will even adapt to your lifestyle. Perhaps you like to change the temperature when you walk into the house after work or while everyone is asleep at night. Thermostats such as the third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat will observe your temperature preferences for the first week and then implement them thereon after. And of course, you can always manually override these automated temperature settings when needed!

One More Thing!

So these are 3 of our top picks in smart home devices worth getting in 2021. While the transition to a smart home may seem simple, you’ve got to remember a well-functioning smart home rests on an excellent internet connection, which is why we recommend the Mediacom Internet. This reliable internet service provider has great deals and high download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, and a smart internet security suite. Security is key in this day and age, so wouldn’t you feel more secure knowing your smart home is protected thanks to Mediacom Internet’s security.