2021 Embraces New Trends In The Automotive Industry

The year 2021 embraces new trends in the automotive industry, it makes a world of change in the design, functionality and the build of theparts of vehicles. Let people envy the designer parts of the car. Give your car a makeover looklike the fast and furiouscars with the best madecar body parts by VIS Racing. Use the VIS Racing coupon code to get cheaper deals.

Striking features ofVIS Racing:

What is the use of carbon fibre in automotive industry?Basically the car parts are very heavy and due to the heavinessit reduces the energy and performance in the sports cars.However VIS Racing introduces the best material-the Carbon fibre reinforced polymer which is very functional and it makes cars work like wonders because of the advantages in terms of weight reduction and fuel efficiency. Carbon fibre is stronger than metal and it improves the performance of cars. For the sports lovers restyling of cars with Carbon fibre increases the performance, is lightweight and energy efficient.  It is also durable and tough making it suitable for racing.Restyle the sports cars withVIS Racing coupon code forflashy deals.

Carbon fibre:

The major benefits of having Carbon fibre rather than other metals is because of the toughnessand stiffness that it provides as cars need a lot of strength, as they are on the road. They need to be strong; the sturdy body has to deal with many external factors on the road- strong body means fewer injuries in case of collision.

Carbon fibres are very lightweight and they are best suitable for racing cars. They make the vehicles faster and it allows easy manoeuvring for the driver because it is lightweight it is energy efficient.


It brings ultra-aggressive style in body parts and body kits for compact sports cars. It brings durability and reliability in the automotive industry.The products are made from 100% ISO Certified grade A carbon fibre materialwith high grade epoxy resin,an ultra-clear (Poly Shield), UV-protective polyurethane coatingthat makes the cars shine with a glossy finish.The new Vacuum Infusion Process (V.I.P.),makesparts 10-20% lighter than before with a single-mold vacuum.

The price and products:

VIS racingis a one stop shop for all thebody restyling parts for sports cars. Use VIS Racing discount code to grab offers.

There are wide range of products from accessories, fenders, bumpers, trunks, hoods, conversion, exhaust, engine lid, full kits and many more.

The price range

  • full kit costs$18968.00
  • Door cost $ 1600
  • Accessories start form $65
  • Bumpers cost $267

VIS racing brings re-styling in the automotive industry with best quality Carbon fibre products which makes the fashion quotient of the cars higher.Get the desirable products at discounted rate against VIS Racing promo code.