12 Taper Fade Haircut for Men


Mostly referred to as simply taper haircut, fade haircut features trimmed sides and back of the head and long hair at the top. A taper fade hairstyle is different from a classic fade. 

The taper fade haircut has shorter sides that fade towards the skin. You can style it in different ways and combine it with other styles to create a stunning look.


  • Lower Tapper Fade

The lower tapper fade leaves a man looking neater and stylish. Your barber will give you a taper fade starting from the ears towards the neck. However, this cut does not have a very high contrast like the other styles. The lower taper fade will leave your cheeks more visible. 

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  • Mid Taper Fade

This style is not choosy with a hair type. It is easy to style, and if you have thick or wavy hair, it can go well with you. The style will make it easy for you to manage your hair.  

  • High Taper Fade

Unlike other fades, this one for the high tapper fade starts at the top of your head, towards your crown. It is best paired with a voluminous hairstyle. It is also a good hairstyle if you want to make your face slimmer, and it will go well if you have a beard. 

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  • Caesar Taper Fade. 

This taper fade haircut is common for people with short hair. To get the style, comb your hair towards the front to form a fringe. It will suit you well if you have curly natural hair, and you can pair it with a fade to make it more stunning. 


  • Curly Taper Fade

A taper fade goes well with some curls. It is easy to style because the sides and back are short, so you will give more attention to the top. It also leaves the guy looking clean and professional, and the fading sides create a contrast with the long curly top. 

  • Faux Hawk And A Taper Fade

The faux hawk looks sexier when mixed with a taper fade. According to MensHaircuts, this hairstyle is achieved by getting a disconnected cut from the long top and the fading sides. Instead of leaving the top too long, tell your barber to give you a medium-length cut. Style the long top into a faux hawk. 

  • Afro Taper Fade

This taper fade haircut fits well for guys with afro hair. It is low maintenance, and the fade cut on the sides helps to frame your face. It leaves the man looking clean and professional. It can also be worn in casual outfits. 

  • Bald Taper Fade

The bald taper fade is a great look to rock, and it has been a trending hairstyle. The barber will give you a clean cut on the sides and the back, leaving the hair on top long. This provides an outstanding contrast because of the two different sizes. It will look better if your hair has natural waves or curls. 


  • Flat Top And A Taper Fade

This style is achieved by getting a flat cut at the top and a fade on the sides. It was a popular haircut in the ancient days, and it is coming back to fashion. If you want your face to appear longer, this is the best style to rock. 

  • Fringe Taper Fade

The fringe taper fade is fit for guys who like to stand out of the crowd. A combination of the taper fade and a fringe leaves you looking cool and stylish. You can choose a way to style your fringe depending on your face shape. 

  • Blowout Taper Fade

This fade haircut style was common in the ’50s, and it is back to trending. However, the taper gives the style more modern vibes. If you have thinner hair, having a fade will make the top hair look more voluminous and longer. It will suit you well if you admire the old-school styles. 

  • Hard Part And A Tapper Fade

The hard part cut favors people with short hair more. Your barber will make you stand out from the crowd by including a taper fade to your hairstyle. The style leaves you looking sharp, neat, and smart, with more details on your hair.